An Artist’s Eye and the Poet’s Voice

woman holding an instant camera
A picture is worth a thousand words!
A photographer captures essence, substance, and texture
With an artist’s eye.
We gasp our breath and wonder why
We didn’t see it like this!
There’s so much beauty to miss
If we don’t crop out the boring distractions

With a lens which highlights only the attractions!

Frame the picture with surroundings that highlight
The image we want to project.
Center it or leave it askew to delight
The imagination and tease the senses
With unique balance and no defects.
It is perfect…
It calls out to all of us who neglect
The image and fill the page with words instead.
The photographer and poet with inner reflection
View art from a different perspective.
The artist’s eye and the wordsmith’s ear
Coming together to create
What many eyes never see
And many ears do not hear.
It is not from neglect.
It is a difference of expression.
It is perfection!
by Deborah A. Bowman

17 thoughts on “An Artist’s Eye and the Poet’s Voice

    1. Robbie, Yes, I took a breather after total knee replacement. The virus has disrupted our lives in the U.S., but things look encouraging. A silly poem, but fun to write! I saw a new Lord Chocolate book is out by you. BEST CHILDREN’S BOOK SERIES EVER! Stay safe… 💖

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    1. Dear sister, I am trying just this week to start writing again. There is a new edition of Stroke of Fear! Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series on amazon. A softcover version with all the gremlins from early amazon “issues” corrected. With the new front cover illustrated by Wendy, it looks wonderful! I have 3 more in the series to correct and have started a 5th book. The Delilah series will be corrected too. (It was such a mess!) The second book in the series has 90 pages done, just needs an ending. Lol Also two other novels as works-in-progress: Annie’s sequel and a brand new series that I started decades ago and found a handwritten copy (100 pages!) tucked away when I moved. Still looking forward to seeing your new poetry book! 💖

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