Time is of the essence!

Time marches on!

brass pocket watches
Tick Tock

Time transcends into our lives.

We either have too much

Or emptiness seems to thrive

Into all the such and such

That envelopes our essence.

How do we hit “refresh”?


Wouldn’t it be sweet

If we could set back the clocks

To give us days and weeks

Years and decades to rock

Our world into submission?

We are left in derision…


Too much times on our hands

Can be useless and boring.

Not enough time lands

Us in chaos, soaring

Us into obsession

Or hopeless depression.


The system doesn’t seem fair.

How did it become so flawed?

We really have to care

On the seconds we trod

Upon that add up to nothing.

No one, no hope, no feelings, nothing.


A silent death

That steals the rest

Of our shining essence.

You guessed it!

We have wasted away bit by bit.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Lost in time, conceived in rhyme.

By Deborah A. Bowman












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