The Cambridge Writing Pad for Drawing from Yesteryear (note spiral binding).

So funny… Hilarious, in fact!

I’ve been looking for a legal-sized Cambridge Writing Pad forever, it seems. Writing by hand slows down the creative process so you can think, ponder, visualize in your imagination, before the screen goes dark.

Okay, so the new version doesn’t have spiral binding, but the spirals of metal just get all tangled up after a while anyway. But, they never break! A lot to be said for that.

So, I didn’t mind

Because they stood the test of time.

I still have all mine.

Research and quotes and notes and stuff.

All supposed to be novels, left in the rough.

Some rewritten, hopefully dated–NOT!

Yet, they weren’t left to rot.

Never finished, except one, I guess.

Snippets of inspiration left to rest.

Each one a mere skeleton, a brief look,

Maybe a book,

Into another world, a new universe

Of possibilities, fictional prose or poetic verse.

I can sit on the floor,

Spread them open around me,

Lift my eyes up and see

All the thoughts, plans, fears

Coming back to me from yesteryear.

Some are happy; some are sad.

Some have merit; some are bad!

These are all the thoughts that motivated me.

But, never fear; there is a punch line to my plea!

When I found the Cambridge tablet at the drugstore, I didn’t look inside of it. I mean, they used to be all the same, right? And, it was sealed, of course. Alas, upon opening the dark navy cover, there were no smooth cream or yellow gray-lined pages, only light-blue boxes covering the whole interior, front and back, in grid. I kid you not! Yet, I write in it anyway.

–Deborah A. Bowman, bowmanauthor/bowmaneditor


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