Our New Reality That Has Always Been … Our Reality

Today, I become all that I can be.
Today, I let myself see
That I need nothing nor no one
Because I am whole.
I am in touch with my soul,
And I am a self-made gal, one and done.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, I am what I am
And to be anything else is but loose letters on a wall.
Letters that don’t make words or sense or even rhyme.

I can’t control anything, not even time.
It flits; it flights; it fights, but it’s right.
It adds up; it speeds up; it slows down, jumps around.
The seconds of our lives, the minutes that form;
Then skip and whip around like there is no “norm”.

And, that is true! It took a Pandemic to show us
That there is no normal; there never was,
Just because that’s the way it is.

We can’t control our own destiny!
We can’t rewrite history!
We can’t dictate our own future!

We can’t expect to nurture
Ourselves, let alone somebody else.

You can only respect one’s self
And that’s enough.

–Deborah A. Bowman

There is hope for our world!

5 thoughts on “Our New Reality That Has Always Been … Our Reality

      1. Deb our journey is reality with all the fixings of refinement. Sometimes even evil appears to be winning but it’s inheritance bears the same destructive energy. The subject that you present is deep. The journey may be really fun for those who are spiritually evolved. 💓💓💓💫


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