Two New eBooks from Clasid Consultants Publishing are FREE on Kindle, May 15-19, 2021. Enjoy!!!

Special promotion by Clasid Consultants Publishing for this weekend through Wednesday, 15-19 May 2021!

The first free eBook is one of my own, Deborah A. Bowman. It is a stand-alone 2nd book in The Delilah Astral Investigators Infinity Series, Episode Two, The Boy Who Would Be King. Age appropriate for 10 years and up, including adults who love time travel and astral projection.

The second book is by a Consultant of mine, Lady Venus. This is for Mature Audiences Only, genre: Erotica Romance.

Bared Souls Series, Book One, “Is the Timing Ever Really Right?”

Hearts, souls, and bodies are bared in extreme erotica amidst COVID-19. Is it love or lust, life or death?

Please leave a review. It helps both readers and writers.


–Deborah A. Bowman, author, editor, publishing advisor.

5 thoughts on “Two New eBooks from Clasid Consultants Publishing are FREE on Kindle, May 15-19, 2021. Enjoy!!!

  1. Thank you. Not much response this time. If you would like to read any of my books, let me know, and I will send you a Kindle copy or print, if I have it in print (not all of them are updated yet). I would love some honest reviews. I appreciate you contacting me very much!

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      1. Thank you so much, Cav. What do you like? My historical fiction book is a long read, but much accurate research went into it. My YA series I’m finding is really liked by all ages … Time Travel and Astral Projection. They’re a quick read, and Book 2 has no reviews yet, just published. Also accurate historical research. Book 3 will be a blast to the future. Won’t that be fun? Lol Let me know your preference. Send me an email,, and I can get you copies, Kindle or print. I also have a Paranormal Crime Series, quick-read novellas.

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