Lost and Found … in my mind

Lost today in my mind.

It happens sometimes

To the best of us.

We try to be strong

When something goes wrong,

But it’s those weak moments

When we find out we can still float

Rather than sink

When we’re on the brink,

If we trust

In ourselves…

Time to pick up the pieces.

Put us back together.

Weather any storm.

Don’t be forlorn,

I tell myself.

Face the day,

Come what may!

You never know what is just around the corner.

Things can be brighter.

Feelings can be warmer.

Trust in yourself…

Don’t wither on a shelf.

Fight back!

When things are slack.

Take a deep breath.

Put yourself to the test.

You might be surprised

What you find in the recesses of your mind.

Faith, Hope, Strength, Love!

“As above, so below”

As the story of life goes…

–Deborah A. Bowman

Photo by Pixab

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