The Leading WithIN Conference was an amazing experience!

Big Bang Theory
Explosive Positive Synergy for the Future!

I have been to many conferences, but the quality of speakers at the Leading WithIN Conference, Washington, D.C., last weekend, was exhilarating–beyond and towering above all others, revealing blessings and direction for the future. Synergy comes into play when you lead from WithIN. Hearts and minds reach out to each other with focus, peace, and unity. I want to send this energy, fresh inside me, to the world, the Universe, the souls of all throughout eternity!

Believe and release your loving, caring thoughts and feelings to everyone you touch, see, interact with. We can bring healing to our planet … one person, one soul, one spark of encouragement and joy at a time. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Joy and peace are created and grow with synergistic evolution. Follow your heart…

We’re All Worth It!

Haunting Music, Paw Prints in Ivory

Tiny paw prints on ivory keys

And yet no one ever sees

The furry culprit in the dark of night

Reflective, gold eyes that need no light

To find the baby grand

The eyes enlarge, she has a plan

To pull the humans from their bed

“A little music will get me fed!”

Dancing tiny soft paws

Tapping in time, delicate claws

The clock strikes 3:00 a.m.

An eerie melody, a lyrical gem

Startles the couple awake

“What’s going on, for heaven’s sake?”

A woman’s voice utters in fear

They both emerge from their silent room

Expecting a harbinger of doom

The impish creature who serenades

Has jumped to the floor, a renegade

The light switch is flipped

Terrified fingers together gripped

Expecting a ghostly apparition

They sigh in relief, a chuckling transition

The man says, “Why do we allow?”

The wee thief in the night answers, “Meow!”

cat and piano
Molly the Cat

Speaking Engagement for Deborah Bowman,, Washington, DC; 16-17 June, 2017. I’ll be talking about my 5-year professional progression, writing and editing tips, and ghost-writing/how to write your own story: Title of Presentation–“True Synergy Works!”

1 Deb's Speaker Poster Leading WithIN

The Mundane may have more substance than we realize…

I wrote this poem a week or so ago for “The Monday Mundane Challenge”:

Beauty in the mundane
Can be found in many ways
The imagination contains
Sights, sounds, images, words that say
Descriptions of the divine, the artistic, the creative
Bathing each mind’s image in colors, textures, meaning
If you but close your eyes, you will see all the relative
Pictures of your heart, psyche, soul seeming
Lost, hidden, forgotten, but au contraire
The scene bubbles up to the surface
If you but search within … if you but dare
To see beyond the darkness and reverse
The memories of the mundane
That have captured your heart in refrains
Of luscious strains of music or spoken muses
Yes, I see; I’ve seen; The beauty of the ruse.
–Deborah A. Bowman, 5/28/17




I just had to share the astute findings and expressive emotion on reincarnation. I believe, but then I looked in the mirror and saw myself as someone else. How can you doubt when facts come to you that you could not have known any other way? Sheila Renee Parker, author of The Spirit Within, a good author and amazing spiritualist who writes with confidence and grace. Ck out her blog and YA fiction, which is on I am proud to call her friend and associate author.

Sheila Renee Parker

This next topic is often bit of a controversial one due to different beliefs. It is never my intent to offend anyone with what I write, but I do believe that having an opened mind is key to understanding the unknown.

Now, the subject of reincarnation is one that I find to be extremely interesting. Do I believe in it? Absolutely, 100%! What exactly is reincarnation? It’s when a spirit/ soul is born again. After an individual dies, their spirit/ soul is reincarnated into another living body. A “rebirth”. Many believe that the reason for this is to learn from one lifetime to another, taking with us knowledge that will help us to achieve higher wisdom.

As crazy as it may sound, I actually have memories of some of the past lives that I’ve lived. These memories (as few as they are) are as clear as the ones that I…

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