Who am I? Deborah A. Bowman

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Deborah A. Bowman (bowmanauthor): Author of 8 books; Writer/Editor/Designer/Publishing Agent/Ghostwriter

My first poem was published when I was 12 years old in a 4-H Magazine, and I was hooked!

I read everything I could get my hands on and wrote continuously … everything for everyone.

My career allowed me to write in different voices, media, and genre. It was gratifying to create the right product for the right audience; hopefully, on-time and in-budget:

  • Educated at the U.S. Department of Army Graduate School, I became the youngest and first female Authorization Publications Officer for DOD. I take great pride in supporting our Armed Forces with clear, accurate instructional manuals and reports, many of which are still in use today, and creating full-color newspaper/public affairs media.
  • I wrote a monthly column for the “Medical News” as an Advanced Certified Psychological Hypnotherapist (A.C.P.H.) and was featured in the “Washington Post Newspaper Parenting Magazine” for my work with ADHD teens. Hypnotherapy certification started out as a hobby for me to cope with pain and to learn relaxation, but my desire to help others has always pushed me in new, exciting directions.
  • At an early age (late-30s) I spent two years in a wheelchair, working as a Fiction Reader for Erie Literary Agency. I learned invaluable tools to assist other authors produce their best works. I embraced the challenge!
  • I have had numerous poems and lyrics/songs published as a musician (reeds, guitar, piano, Celtic harp, singer). Runner-up songwriter award for the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest, 2nd year after inception. Winner of The Editor’s Choice Award in poetry, 1998. Poem dedicated and copyrighted to www. lupus.org for their use, gratis, in 2014. An article and photo written, gratis, and used by The Buttery mansion/restaurant on the history of the location in Lewes, Delaware, 2015. Other awards with DOD, award-winning authors, which I have represented or ghostwritten for, are too numerous to mention.
  • As an editor/formatter for eBookstand.com (rated no. 3 on Oprah Winfrey’s print-on-demand list), I e-published two of my own books: A novel and a short-story Anthology. I had finally returned to my roots. I currently have 8 books of my own published.

Now, I’m very happy and pleased to wear two hats:

  1. The Writer/Editor/Ghostwriter who polishes all genre/all media of written and designed products to the highest quality at affordable prices by “continuously reading everything for everyone”. I read for myself with my clients in mind to offer cutting-edge trends in editing and proofreading. One should never proofread their own work.
  2. The fiction writer/reader (aren’t all writers, readers?) writing, doing book reviews, editorial reviews, encouraging, mentoring, coaching, and public speaking on tricks-of-the-trade in publishing; book readings and signings; launching books for other authors whom I have ghostwritten for; and a strong advocate for SLE Lupus, speaking and writing on remaining active, accepted, and recognized for yourself, not defined by a disability or handicap.


  • Latest Release, January 2017, Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift: Inspired by an hypnotic past-life regression and much research, this historical fiction selection appeals to all ages, including YA. Annie’s message is timeless as she represents the treatment, bullying, labeling, and abuse of individuals with special needs, especially women and children. Unfortunately, perceptions haven’t changed all that much since the 17th century. In Annie’s lifetime amidst suspicion and fears of demonology (1630-1648), children born with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death; their names cleansed from all church and legal records. Annie is an incredible savant, whimsical as a child, with paranormal and healing gifts from the Spiritual Universe. Sequel due out 2018. #JoinAnnieMovement http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9NRYMU
  • Quill and Ink … Inspirational, Motivational, and Creative Writings: Poetry, Essays, Excerpts, Short Stories, and Creative Visualization for the spiritual, artistic, or curious individual. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018F05SU8
  • LIVING IN A SHADOW, a full-length novel, romantic psychological suspense, for mature audiences. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AP68CUO
  • DENNY RYDER PARANORMAL CRIME SERIES, Novella Thrillers for YA and adults:
  • RELEASED, February 22, 2015, The Boy and the Shopkeeper, Episode One, DELILAH, ASTRAL INVESTIGATOR INFINITY SERIES: Time-Travel Novels for tweens, teens, YA/adult. 2nd book due out in 2017.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TVULOQY

I am available to speak in-person, SKYPE, Zoom, video, podcast, conference calls, webinars.

I am CEO of http://www.clasidconsultantspublishing.com, a full-service writing, editing, proofreading, designing, and publishing company. Send me a few pages of your draft or business project. If you start off with a plan in mind, I can tell you if it’s viable. How many people have published something that just doesn’t make sense or has errors that could have been prevented by a writing professional? I do 3rd party, unbiased professional critiques. This is a MUST for traditional publishers as the first step in the process for acceptance. I can recommend publishers, printers, IT/ SEO specialists, social media and sales venues, and manage the whole project, if desired. I create, write, and design websites from a visual and written perspective based on current and future trends, using your IT person or recommend the very best in SEO/html/troubleshooting/development. I am available to create full business promo packages.

We’re all on this journey called life together, and as we change, evolve, and shift perceptions, we cling together in a common bond, always learning, creating, and expressing!

I am a 27-year SLE Lupus/R.A. survivor. “Never a victim, I am a Survivor!”

Deborah A. Bowman


78 thoughts on “Who am I? Deborah A. Bowman

  1. Yes, we must do that. Somehow I felt that spiritual connection as soon as I saw your picture, and to think I responded to your FB post because of your humor. You do not know how to laugh until you have cried.


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. It’s been so long since I’d made time in my life to write in it and your comment was a reminder to me that at one time I used to love it…I’m not sure what happened.

    Regarding your comment, I’m glad you’re well. We both seem to have been fortunate in that regard. My worries about medication were unfounded and I am glad I’m taking it.

    Our rescue cats are ruling the roost. They’ve plumped up nicely and every single member of this family treats them like royalty. It’s like the house was missing something and suddenly “there they were”. I’ll have to pop in from time to time and get to know you and your cat.

    Reading your bio, it seems our lives have taken other similar turns. I grew up in 4H in rural Nova Scotia. Did a lot of public speaking classes and writing poems, plays and the like. My high school teachers thought I should be a writer One of the plays I wrote while I was in grade 9 was actually purchased…exciting stuff…even though it was only by the high school so they could use it as a school play. 🙂

    I also have one son with severe combined type ADD/ADHD and another on the autism spectrum somewhere but he’s never been officially diagnosed with anything. If I was to try to pin it down, I’d say Aspergers. He is very high functioning.

    This is turning out to be a novel instead of a comment so I’ll end by saying, thank you again for visiting and introducing yourself.

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    1. As if my comment was not a novella? 4H in Nova Scotia…how interesting, and a play! So exciting!

      I’m glad to hear you’re doing better, and it was a delight to see your picture on the comment. I’m much older, of course. My son is 39 and dyslexic…another quasi-connection. It was definitely a school nightmare over 20 years ago. It was hard for me to accept that my son might never be able to read, as a writer/editor. I get such joy from books! But my son wanted so much to read, maybe because of me, so in spite of the odds against it (and a Learning Disability Teacher calling him “Stupid!”–how do these people keep their jobs, but why did she go into that field to start with? Don’t get me started…), he learned to read, but not until middle/high school. Today he’s so happy with that decision as a single father with a 13-year old beautiful red-headed daughter. He’s been reading to her since she was a baby, and because of it or genetic predisposition, she’s an avid reader, too. Mmmm…red hair, wonder who she looks like? My heritage is Scottish (50% with a dash of Brit and a hint of Slovac), but I’m the only redhead in the siblings. My son has Orange hair, no less…so I procreate redheads. Ha,ha…Yes, we must exchange emails so the comments don’t flood the cyber world into oblivion. I’m glad you’re blogging again and hope you take that next step to authorship…but you have houses to turn into homes for families. I loved your man-cave pictures. Our cave is a man-and-cat cave…lol

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  3. Hi Deborah! Thank you so much for your appreciation of my poems. Coming from you – such a great author/reviewer/editor – it means a lot!
    I would sure love to be in touch with you and get your help in my writing and publishing works as well.
    Thanks again!


    1. Angela, I enjoy reading your in-depth, reflective poetry.I write poetry as well, but mostly as messages on my blog. I was a music lyricist for a while in my life, but as you can see from my bio, most of my experience is in writing for others and editing/design/publishing. I do so love the written word and expressive poems. I try to find the time to write fiction, and am finally achieving some novels/novellas I’m happy with. I especially love helping the authors and poets of today. You have so much wisdom to share. We all learn from each other. I keep my rates very user-friendly and questions/assistance is no-charge. You might want to look at my editorial/publishing website http://www.clasidconsultantspublishing.com. We’ll start emailing each other to find out exactly how to launch your career. You are about to embark on an exciting journey.


  4. Thank you Deborah, for all your encouragement. For taking the time to read my posts. As a new blogger, I haven’t yet fully overcome my diffidence, but it’s folks like you who give me the courage to keep writing, keep posting. Your writing tips are priceless. Thanks for being there. You’re a kind-hearted soul. And an inspiration to me.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not sure how to do it, but I will try to reduce my learning curve as someone a little older than you computer savvy kids. Thank you. I am deeply touched and honored you would think of me


    1. Nice to meet you too. I am honored. My mother was in the first Women’s Army Corps and served during WWII where she met my father, deceased and dearly missed for 15 years. My oldest brother is a decorated Vietnam vet, and you saw my contribution to the Army as military support civilian. Thank you noticing my site.

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      1. If you care to have any of your family added to the Farewell Salutes, please include their town, branch of service, unit and war [if any]. We need to remember them all!

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  5. Wow, your author bio makes mine look very empty! I’d love to do a review of some of your work, absolutely. Thanks for checking out my book!


    1. Send me an email (stevens588@hotmail.com) and I’ll send you Delilah, Astral Investigator Inifinity Series, Episode 1, The Boy and the Shopkeeper. Very interested in what you’d think of the premise of the series as an historian. It’s a fun series to write … working on second in the series, The Son Who Would Be King.


  6. Thanks for joining my community, Deborah. There is a tech issue and my comment replies are not sending alerts to readers. I want you to know that I responded to and much appreciated your comments. Have a wonderful week 🙂 Laine Anne

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  7. I took the chance to read your comments since I was so happy reading your about me…. And your comments are cherry on the cake!

    You are such a brave spirit and reading your about me and now subscribing to your blog I am going to take your undying strong and courageous spirit with me. 🙂 You spent two years in wheelchair and got up to be such a fabulous blogger and writer. Being a writer since age 12… just wonderful!

    I read that your son was dyslexia and you helped him overcome his fear with words… Sorry if I put it wrong, but here in India if you are a dyslexic your days are numbered in school and it’s too late before your parents or teachers discover it, some kids just act to be so so they can get some attention.

    umm my comment is becoming long but I ma just fascinated and reading about you early in the morning gave me hope. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day dear… Take care..

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  8. Hi Deborah, thank you for reaching out to me at Laine’s blog. I would love to send a copy of my PDF for you to look at! I have self-published, and would like to do one more review before I authorize for Amazon etc. I don’t have any marketing plans for the book as yet. I started out very eagerly, but a year and a half later I only see its faults! Can I send it to your email address please? Thank you again, Vonita.

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      1. No, Vonita, I haven’t seen it, but I’m checking emails on my Kindle and it doesn’t load them all if I’m behind, which I have been for a couple of days now. Will check tomorrow and get back with you.

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  9. Hi Debbie,
    I am trying to buy your book -Quills and Ink. Since I am old fashioned, I read hard copies- never read a book on Kindle. Is your book available in print ?
    Thank you,


    1. Yes, Susie, I have soft copies. I need to set them for printing-on-demand. Send your address to my email and I’ll send you out a copy for helping me with Annie’s Story, Blessed With a Gift. Thank you so much!

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  10. Thanks Debbie but I would like to purchase it from you. Would the print edition be available on Amazon ? I wouldn’t like to take a copy free from you.


    1. Yes, I will be setting it up on amazon as soft cover and possibly hardcover too in the near future. Knowing you want a copy is a good reason to finish getting everything ready. I was to set all my books up like this. Quill and Ink is already layed out and final. My other books need a little adjustment in format, but it’s time to finish everything and make them available at other locations as well. I’m actually pleased to see people preferring the a solid book with pages because that’s my preference too.

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      1. Yes, Susie, I have a large collection of books as well–classics, spiritual, my favorite fiction which I love to re-read, my writing graduate text books, and all my psychology (minor) & hypnotherapy books. It is a very eclectic collection, to say the least.lol. Planning on having Quill And Ink… active for purchase today. My other books to follow in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for motivating me.

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      1. I have missed the whole summer. I didn’t realize I had been sick so long! It takes a while to get back in the groove of blogging and even contacting people. You are always missed in my heart. 💖

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    1. Would love to come to London. Maybe someday… (Sigh) I edit, ghostwrite, and provide formatting and publishing advice for friends, clients, etc. I must check.out your book! I also have a background in psychology and hypnotherapy. We could have interesting long talks … boring to some folks, but intriguing to the like-minded. Lol


      1. It’s rainy and dreary here today, but you’re used to that in London. Lol Actually last year was my year for British clients for editing. This year, Scotland and Canada, as well as the U.S. I’ve never met a “style” in English I haven’t loved! Must read and review your book. Love British humour. Also, love Brit-Lit in general. Anne Perry (by way of Australia … another place I did for which I edit); Val MacDermid (via Scotland); Elizabeth George (dual citizenship with us!); a thousand more, especially the classics. My heritage is Scottish mostly, those warlike clans North of the wall. Don’t hate me for that! Lol


  11. Deb! I just finished reading your new book “DELILAH, ASTRAL INVESTIGATOR INFINITY SERIES: EPISODE ONE – THE BOY AND THE SHOPKEEPER”! Gosh, you are an exceptionally talented writer! Hard to put the book down, absorbed in the fun of the characters’ astral travel and their odd fellowship bonded to a good-cause adventure! Your “Afterword” was helpful to include as it gives food for thought on the concept of time and altered states of reality. Even the concept of life now becomes limitless. This book plants seeds of creative possibilities. The Afterword also satisfied my question of how you were inspired to write this novel. Amazing! Can’t wait for Episode Two to make it’s debut! Perhaps one day soon a television series? May the Universe make it so!


  12. I love your motto: “Never a victim, always a survivor.”

    What we overcome gives us insight others don’t have, and that contributes to the uniqueness of our writing.


  13. Deborah,
    I received an email yesterday from Martin & Bowman about film adaptation on my book to Netflix. I’m checking it out first – too many scammers online. Are you connected with this? Please advise.


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