Review of “Getting to Mr. Right” by Carol Balawyder

Deborah A. Bowman's Rating
Deborah A. Bowman’s Rating

Getting Mr. Right


If it were only that easy! But, of course, it is not.

Carol Balawyder has captured the psychological and the emotional, two strong detrimental or favorable adherents to how to succeed in finding Prince Charming. This book is more truth than fiction, and one or more of the main characters will resonate within you in the dating/relationship/marriage arena.

Do you sabotage your own chances for happiness? Do you have a father or lack-of-father complex? Do you fall in love too easily and unrealistically? Or will this wonderful storytelling open your eyes to what you are really looking for? Of course, first, you have to know what that is.

Campbell, Felicity, Suzy, and especially recently separated Missi are thrown together in a scientific study to debunk the Prince Charming myth. Surprises are in store galore as everyone’s perceptions are altered by their personal choices and the push-me/pull-me energy of the group. Readers will all learn valuable lessons–some are happy; some are sad. Just as readers will identify with the great research that has gone into this novel.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction allows truth to surface in amazing ways.

I highly recommend this great read for women of all ages and men who may want to understand us female creatures from Venus a little better. Enjoy the ride!