Let’s face it, the book market is overcrowded, BUT MORE PEOPLE ARE READING!

As an author, editor, formatter, and publishing advisor, I watch trends and the market. Things change and styles evolve. Blogs initially took some book readers away, but now blogs are supporting books! Also, printed books are desirable for in-depth reading you want to hold, cherish, and keep. eBooks are for quick reads “one and done” or sporadic reads on the way to work, a coffee/lunch break, a breather. eBooks are always with you.

The Pandemic has given writers time to write, thus creating more new, first-time writers. But, it also created more readers. The balm of fiction and even poetry, which was always in the shadows, is now sprouting and taking root with more readers. We are seeking true emotion to touch our souls as chaos rules our world. Also, nonfiction, informational, and transformational reading is at an all-time high. We have a need to know “why?”.

The balancing act continues with the positive and negative, but as a reader myself first-and-foremost, the positive always wins in my book!


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Lost and Found … in my mind

Lost today in my mind.

It happens sometimes

To the best of us.

We try to be strong

When something goes wrong,

But it’s those weak moments

When we find out we can still float

Rather than sink

When we’re on the brink,

If we trust

In ourselves…

Time to pick up the pieces.

Put us back together.

Weather any storm.

Don’t be forlorn,

I tell myself.

Face the day,

Come what may!

You never know what is just around the corner.

Things can be brighter.

Feelings can be warmer.

Trust in yourself…

Don’t wither on a shelf.

Fight back!

When things are slack.

Take a deep breath.

Put yourself to the test.

You might be surprised

What you find in the recesses of your mind.

Faith, Hope, Strength, Love!

“As above, so below”

As the story of life goes…

–Deborah A. Bowman

Photo by Pixab

Days Are Not So Dreary Now

Days are not so dreary now.

Dare we hope for a new tomorrow?

Another day that teaches us how

To live, love, express our sorrow

For what we have all been through.

How has the Pandemic affected you?

No one was left unscathed.

We all knew hardship and pain.

Our lives were interrupted with waves

Of loss, confusion, fear, blame

When there was no enemy to stand up to.

How can we ever know who?

So, we must be strong.

We must never look back.

Somehow, we’ll get past the wrongs

And find the courage we lack.

The virus still thrives.

How do we go on with our lives?

We move forward as we have always done.

We pray to our Deity as in the past when we have won!

–Deborah A. Bowman

A New Dawn is Coming

Where do we go from here?

We’ve all been put in exile. It was a sad, trying time in isolation, especially those of us who live alone. But we tried to keep our fears and tears at bay. Life became important. That is what we learned. Our lives, our families, our friends, every soul on the planet. Life is precious even when you’re alone. Carry that forward with you. Remember those feelings.

Do not let our evolution be in vain.

Blessings for a brighter tomorrow!

Be free to be!

Original Art Work from a writer/editor? Only a hobby.


Color sends chills up my spine!

Each mixing and remixing slightly different;

A ghost of the original, captured in time.

Then the colors, textures, images combine

In an one-of-a-kind work of the divine!

–Deborah A. Bowman

Inspired by @dailywisdomwrds Twitter.com


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–Deborah A. Bowman, author, editor, publishing advisor.

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In Episode 2, the stakes are much higher! As they travel back in time to 1502, the “change” in the past threatens to destroy Dee’s current reality, turning her hometown into a war-torn British colony awaiting the nuclear bomb that could blow up the whole planet. What can they do to save the past and the future? The options are few, and the consequences are horrendous. Bartholomew is falling in love with Delilah, but he cannot tell her the secret he must protect at all costs to save their current reality, a reality in which “Bartie” had hoped to take Delilah for his bride. Is that even possible now? Quantum Physics is used to explain how such Time Travel and Astral Projection can be done, perhaps, in our real world.


Deborah A. Bowman, author

A taste of inspiration to encourage ALL writers!

This free-domain picture came to me on Twitter. I want to give a shout-out to @MondayDPoet & @Dailywisdomwrd


Thanks for doing what you do!

Here is the Twitter-length poem I wrote based on the picture. In poetry, “Less is more; each word pregnant with meaning!” :

You search your mind & soul.

You seek yourself as whole,

Balanced, in-tune, in-the-zone.

How often are you pure to the bone?

Not very often? Then write!

Write about what is in sight,

Close enough to touch, smell, hear.

Inspiration surrounds & astounds you!

The IDEA is salvation!

Deborah A. Bowman

This writer/editor just had her first COVID-19 injection. I highly recommend a GREAT experience!

Deborah A. Bowman Stevens

This just made sense for me! I live in a highly populated area. I’ve been in isolation, alone, for over a year. I’m also immune compromised. There was a catch, however … I have extreme allergies that cause anaphylactic shock, the one side effect of the vaccine that is so scary. I want to tell you that it was handled so kindly and professionally with understanding and LOVE! šŸ’–

I didn’t have a reaction that day or afterwards. The discomfort is minimal, easier than a flu shot!

Be kind and loving to yourself and to our world. Even if you’re afraid of the vaccine –I certainly was!–do it for quality of life and those who love you.

I can’t say enough “Thank you’s!” to our brave medical staff, first-responders, and everyone who works in a public services profession. They have loved ones to protect too. Let’s help them by getting vaccinated as well.

All of you are my heroes!