A Word of Encouragement…


The Heavens Have No Boundaries

Sometimes it seems the world has let us down…

We hear the nightly news and cry or frown…

Who has died today? Who has lied? Who has hurt another?

Isn’t there something else we can do, something other

Than tears and fears, fright and fight?

Look to the beauty of the heavens above

That have no boundaries to calm your mind…

There is still peace and love in our lives…

This is what we must strive to release…

Pray for Peace…


Writer’s Tools, So Much Change!

Writer’s Tools

cropped-computer-and-pencils.jpgA Writer’s Tools have changed
There has been so much gain
But a nagging hint of nostalgia remains

Cutting reeds and shaping quillscropped-blogbackground1.jpg
Pounded pigments, rainwater, ash-filled
Stretching animal hides
Leaving in the sun to dry

parchment with red
Crackling scratches on dried parchment

One slip, the writer’s lament

Start again, know not when

The price of dripping Indigo ink

Naught drying, naught sprinkling with sand

Naught scribing, brings one to the brink

… Of insanity

parchment with inking

New files, pixels, point sizes, layout

A better system, no doubt

Save, Open, Save As, Download

Copy without a camera or a copier reload

Cut without a knife; paste with no glue

The decision to see it through

Or delete and try again

It doesn’t matter when

Save or not to save?

In a hurry, Save and and go away…try another daycropped-cropped-my-writers-nook-e142126534230111.jpg

Creativity has not changed

Only the functions of the brain

More freedom for the laymen

More chances to begin again

Then, finally, the perfect words you trust

All gobbled up by a cyber virus.

No heart to try again

Perhaps a quill, ink, or pen?


Comparisons of the old and the new, pros and cons…




We Have to Make Time for Silence and Healing

The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.
The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.

This is the second poem from the Silent Retreat.


by Deborah A. Bowman

Times seems to mean so little in the grand scheme of things.

Fleeting and precious, we are mere dots of energy the light brings.

It only takes a heartbeat, a single breath, a moment

To brew a new formula and give it “time” to ferment.

Seeping into the pores of our bodies and the cells of our brains

Keeping us healthy, centered, balanced and sane.

In silence, we can change our minds in the nick of time!


Cats and The Arts! by Deborah A. Bowman

cats and writers

Cats are drawn to writers, musicians, actors, comics–the Arts … all!

Look at them scurrying through penned scripts, enthralled

As if they can read each tiny scribble and revise the news

With their critiques, opinions, comments, views.

How fortunate we are to have cats to advise!

cats and music     cat and piano

Playing strings or striking keys with tiny paws and claws.

If you listen closely you’ll hear them sing, letting their voices ring.

But when you enter the room to see them perform,

The cat looks at you questioning why, suddenly becoming shy.

That’s when the little artist has the desire to roam.

cat mime  cat and theater

The consummate actor, the mime, the showoff, creating havoc and drama.

Cats play any scene, mimic our schemes, offering up chaos and trauma.

Then the role changes, rearranges, and the kitty becomes the clown.

We giggle and laugh as they run all around,

Dancing and prancing, looking at us upside down.

cat in the bag

Their tirade complete, they fall asleep, finding a great hiding place,

A box, a bag, a space too small, fit for only a contortionist.

If they want to be found, we’ll see their sweet faces;

If not, they just disappear, the perfect illusionist.

And of course, with cats all; they never come when you call.

cat and humor

We end our poem with our sleeping friend

Who’s obviously read every word to the end.



The Holidays are passing, but the new year 2015 awaits with unknown chapters to write in our lives. No matter how much we plan, the year ahead is always a secret yet to be revealed…

The chimes of life
The Chimes of Life…

Do you fear the gargoyles of the future or the past?

Are the spirits hidden in your bell-tower mind resurfacing?

The dreaded memories continue to last

Into the future, creating new havoc from old rehearsing.

Can you not release the demons and fear

That you struggled with in yesterday-year?


Or are you facing the new year to come

With pictures in your mind of evil faeries

From which you would like to run?

You shall not linger and be merry

As you close your mind to prophetic dreams

And daunting doomsday fiends.


Close your eyes and your mind

To a past that cannot be changed.

It’s over…it’s gone…there is no time…

For dwelling on problems for which you were blamed.

By the same token, what we worry about will appear

Most often so much  less than we fear.


We make New Year’s resolutions to right the wrongs

And ease our conscience of that which we cannot change.

Open your heart and fill your soul with song,

Erasing the images that have become engrained

In the scripts in our heads…repetition breeds negativity,

But we can say “No!” and create a new reality.

Let go of the past and do not fear what you do not know.

Wipe clean the slate and let happiness flow!