To Write…

writer's window
A Writer’s Inspirational Setting

To Write … to rhyme ..

To share a moment in time

To give of your feelings

And thus revealing

The truths of your soul

That make you whole

To pledge your story as it unfolds

The manifestation of the roles

The thoughts you have pondered

As you have wandered

Through paradise, utopia

Fearing dystopia

Do not dread

What doomsayers have said

To creep  into your bliss

Ending with a kiss

Of farewell

Come, stay awhile

In the warmth of my smile

Link your self and soul with mine

To intertwine

And ease the heart and mind

Of both of us in trust.

By Deborah A. Bowman, Peering out the window at rays of sun and silence…





Editing Your Own Work

Be it a business proposal, a short brochure, a website, business card, or a completed book of any genre, it’s best not to edit or even proofread your own work.

That second pair of eyes, that alternate mind that confirms or denies whether you’ve made your point; enriched your plot with descriptive, thrilling, emotional scenes; or included the correct steps and keywords to support and reach your logical conclusion is essential to the success or failure of a written piece online or in print.

Much expense can be avoided by getting an editor, ghostwriter, or trusted business colleague involved in not just grammar, spelling, punctuation (copy editing), but also in flow and ease of reading, using the most current terminology and format intertwined with unique design and pleasing, enticing, accurate writing, graphics, and pictures.

Show you care enough to make all forms of media on-target for your audience, specific purpose, and desired response.

Present your writing in the best design possible. It is a reflection of YOU and leaves a lasting impression.

Let Clasid Consultants Publishing make that impression memorable, sustainable, and relevant.

Deborah A. Bowman, CEO

To imagine…

To imagine … to create … to dream …

Bright rays of light and glowing beams

That reach into the heart and mind

And bring out the best to define

Who we are and what we’re made of …

Expressing dreams, ideas, filled with love

Untold stories, forgotten times and rhymes

In symbols, visions, images and signs …

To imagine is to design the route of one’s soul

Toward a mystic revelation or a return to days of yore …

The will of the faeries shine upon us!



Ghost Writing is a Challenge … if the writing sounds like me, it’s all wrong. Taking on the voice, expressions, and personality of the author is a study in characterization … fiction writers and actors might be good at it!

Ghost Writing might even be a snap for Multiple Personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder) A little writers’ humor, of course.

The Aura of Books

Antique books
My Classics Bookshelves


The Energy and Auras of Books

©by Deborah A. Bowman

My overflowing shelves of books

I love each one so dearly

Watching the energy released if I but look

At the shadows and auras sincerely

Etched upon my mind, capturing my heart

Ne’er allowing the mists of mystery and secrecy

To fade into nothingness, nor depart

Into the depths of dark obscurity

§ § §

My soul cries out in blissful urgency

To touch, to smell, to experience these works of art

Reaching within me, beyond me, around me

To create an atmosphere due in part

To what I can see, feel, and cherish

Tomes of rich bound leather will not perish

As my own essence, aura, and energy

Is altered by each story bestowing wisdom and legacy

On the collective super-consciousness of the Universe

Building a spiritual sanctuary to transverse

And live forever as infinity…

stars in the universe
Celestial Universe


Happy St. Paddy’s Day ta’ya!

shamrock tree
Wishing the luck of the Irish ta’ya today from an American-Scottish Lass!

If only Shamrocks grew on trees

Our luck would float around the world

Then everyone could come and see

The curly-cues, soft hearts, and whorls

I’d like to share with everyone

The beauty, love, and happiness

As we all bathe in the glorious sun

Beneath our feet or shade of the Shamrock Tree