A New Year … A New Writing Project … Dedicated to Sharon Parker, What A Difference One Year Can Make!

It isn’t a game, but the legacy of our lives and the history of humankind.

What does writing mean to you?

A daily chore, a journal of your thoughts and feelings, something new?

It doesn’t matter how the dream came to be

Or how long it’s been since you were able to see

That writing was an unfulfilled yearning.

Use it to move forward, researching and learning.

Look back at your past to discover your true purpose…

The one you thought you’d lost in forgetfulness.

Was there something you wanted to achieve?

But didn’t jot it down or ceased to believe…

In yourself and the power of your mind, your heart, your very soul.

Maybe it’s time to be driven and bold!

Put words to paper in chapter and verse.

Give as you were destined to conquer and reverse

Empty days and nights of longing to be heard

In the beauty and sanctity of your own original words.

Deborah A. Bowman–dedicated to Sharon Lee