Promotion–Let me help you finish your Holiday Shopping with a free eBook promo, 5 days, 19-23 Dec 2013 (appropriate for all ages, even big kids like me!)

I’m offering a free eBook, STROKE OF FEAR! (Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series), a novella/@ 60 pages on 19-23 December 2013. Great Holiday Gift for all ages: “tweens,” teens, YA, adults interested in the paranormal. A quick read and series opener for 12 more installments. We need to keep our kids reading. Marketed by my granddaughter (13 yrs. old). Hope you will download it! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Automatic link on this page. Thank you!

In January, I will be starting another novella series, astral investigation. Fantasy fun with past and future astral projections! If you like history, Delilah will take you there. If you want to see the future, Delilah and Bartholomew will show the way!