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Floating in the Air

Floating in the Air

I’m floating in the air

I shouldn’t have a care

But somehow I’m odd and misplaced

I know my mouth is located on my face

But the sound of my voice comes back to me

From some other place in the room or echoed back from the ceiling

I wonder what this vertigo means; what the dizziness is revealing

I just can’t explain how I feel …

Disconnected, adrift,  lost, unreal…

Free falling…

My inadequacies extolling…

Where do I belong?

When did I go wrong?

The dream becomes the nightmare

Beware … Beware … Beware…

Sometimes it isn’t carefree

Sometimes you just can’t see

When you don’t have a care in the world

Sometimes, it’s Terror!



























Writing the Melodramatic…Reincarnated from a Vampire? How is This Even Possible?

My writing with the quill from the inkwell fixates my consciousness on a time of which I cannot tell...who I am or when I dwelled...
My writing with the quill from the inkwell fixates my consciousness on a time of which I cannot tell…who I am or when I dwelled…

(A stand-alone verse…continuation of “Writing the Melodramatic”)

I am most definitely a male from a time long ago

My mind play tricks as the memories ebb and flow

One moment I am a contemporary woman in 2015

Then I sink into oblivion and grasp for esteem

As master of mine own home in the mid-1600s

I am well to do with servants at my beck and call

I am very cruel and evil to them all

The peasant woman who has joined me in my drafty, cold library

Is bleeding from two punctures in her neck so precarious

She cries out to me to stop draining her life’s blood

Her dress in torn and weathered, her boots caked with mud

She must suffer and die for attempting to flee my domain

We would have become such dear friends if only she had remained.

How can I be this creature who blossoms in the night

Turning his back on humanity and forsaking the light?

I Tend to Love the Melodramatic In My Writing and In My Creativity…I Think I Was Born in the Wrong Century!

Once upon a dark, dreary night, chaos reigned in the sky. I took up my quill as the thunder roared and the lightning blinded my eyes...
Once upon a dark, dreary night, chaos reigned in the sky. I took up my quill as the thunder roared and the lightning blinded my eyes…

I do not know exactly where I come from or why I am so sad and dramatic

There are times at night that I see a different world…by candlelight, draped in shadows

I lift the feather and dip it into the pitch black, thickened ink

I watch the fluid drip like blood from the glare in darkened windows

It is always storming, the candle flame flickering from cracks in the ancient mansion

The fire in the hearth has expired and the chill is almost unbearable

But I turn my thoughts inward in a closed fashion

To ponder on the melodramatic and scenes that are terrible

Murder whispers through the night and I continue to write

Each scratch upon the tanned skin of an animal

Reminding me of death, of ruin, of horrific sights

I think that I am safe within, yet I am so gullible

As I live my poem within my mind, my body racked with pain

I hear footsteps in the empty room and chuckle at my absurdity

It’s just the rain beating unmercifully against the leaden panes

I glance up, expecting nothing, but emptiness and levity

A figure looks down at me, standing tall and broad

How did “she” get in here, soaked with blood and shivering?

I did not hear the latch open the door; no one spoke aloud

The look on her face is horrific, and I begin quivering

I look down at myself. I’m totally reconstructed

From a modern woman of the 21st Century

To a man, dressed in finery, frightened–reluctantly

Wondering where I am and what kind of monster I must be!

THE SHOPKEEPER AND THE BOY, Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity Series…Episode One is LIVE on

This new series is a fun romp through different periods of time with a hint of philosophy and Quantum Physics to show the reality of time-travel and the existence of alternative realities. A modern teenager, a Colonial American from 1774, and an intuitive, rambunctious cat make up a team of astral investigators on a mission to save lost souls and, hopefully, the future of planet earth!

This novel is geared for “tweens”/teens/YA, but marketing results show adults are just as interested in these areas of exploration. The second episode is already in the planning stages.

I hope you will take the time to read and review THE SHOPKEEPER AND THE BOY, Episode One of Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity series at:

There must be a way to stop the predicted apocalypse. Delilah, Bartholomew, and Molly the cat may have the answer.

One review has already been featured on the site. My sincere thanks to Donna M. Zadunajsky, author of  suspense novels: FAMILY SECRETS of the Second Chances Series; NOT FORGOTTEN, and BROKEN PROMISES.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A must Read! February 23, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Once again, author Deborah Bowman has written an extraordinary tale of a girl named Delilah who finds herself going back in time to solve cases. I found the story pulling me in, and wanting to read more to figure out what was going on. The more I read, the more interested I became. I’m looking forward to reading more of the series. I really like her series of Denny Ryder, and can’t wait for the next book to come out. This book is for Young Adults, but I recommend it to anyone in teenage years and older.
What happens in your dreams at night? Do you go out on the astral plane to right the wrongs of history and experience the direction of the future?
What happens in your dreams at night? Do you go out on the astral plane to right the wrongs of history and experience the direction of the future?

Cover for Delilah, Astral Investigator, Infinity Series…



Deliliah, The Boy and the Shopkeeper Cover

The cover is always the last thing I do before publishing, and I change the color and fonts and picture “a gazillion” times to quote my main character, 17-year old Delilah. Any comments would be appreciated.

It should be live on tomorrow…I hope, unless I tear the cover apart and start again.

Deborah A. Bowman


Have you ever wondered how a Colonial America ghost (circa 1770’s) would describe the modern house cat? Excerpt from work-in-progress, “DELILAH, ASTRAL INVESTIGATOR” (YA to adult fiction)

The only other living, breathing being that could initially see me came into the good-mother’s modest abode some three days after Lady Delilah’s first glimpse of me. “She”—for it was definitely female—evidently had been rescued from the inadequate charge of Delilah’s school/hovel-mate (called a roomie?) named Judith or Judi, another absurd derivative of an honorable namesake. It seemed the care of a mere cat was too much trouble for Judi.
A cat? Just let it out? Are there no mice or rodents left in Boston in this day and age?
Regardless, t’is naught my duty to judge this black-and-white ball of fluff with long silky hair that most definitely can see, hear, and resent me!
Hissing, spitting, and thrashing her thick wooly tail—mayhaps, I had inadvertently stepped upon said dark bushy appendage when first she bounced out of a small crate of unusually lightweight skyblue-colored material—most assuredly something other than wood.
I thought she was a very small raccoon, but the colors were more reminiscent of a skunk, the pattern resembling a gentleman’s evening white tails.
She had a coal black mask around exotic emerald-gold eyes above a snow-white furry face with incredibly long white whiskers and elaborate eye lashes, a pink button nose, and high pointed ears, exactly half-black/half-white with the inner ear canals showing pale pink delicate skin amidst long fuzzy white hairs.
Her beauty, for a beauty she was despite her loathing of me, emanated in a full luxuriant royal-white ruff that nestled her tiny face and fell in long pristine waves down her entire breast. Her small body sat squarely atop short, fuzzy white legs, a splash of glossy black spilled across her back to the tip of that recalcitrant tail. Surprisingly, the massive silky hair that flowed from her underside to the floor was pure gleaming white.
She was a playful little mite, using her front paws with nary a single claw like tiny hands, throwing small items up in the air, catching them adroitly, and using her front feet to clean and arrange her long hair. It just seemed inaccurate to refer to her shining coat as the fur of other cats as it was more like spun silk threads or even human hair. The grooming process was lengthier than a regal lady adorning herself for a ball.
Her back feet, however, incongruously large and shaped like a rabbit’s had her flouncing and bouncing up and down Delilah’s sleeping area, on the floor, across the room…until she encountered me…than she would halt in startled animosity, drawing back and rearing up on those big clawed back feet like a grizzly bear. I expected her to roar! Sometimes she did growl low in her throat as she hissed and spat at me.
What in the world was this wee beastie!?
Besides the small meshed crate, which she never stayed in, she has her own kitty chamberpot, rectangular in shape, made from the same lightweight material as the crate, but in bright dazzling pink! Some bits of fine gravel fill this chamberpot…an odd system, to be sure, but the cat seems to enjoy scratching and digging through this substance. She seems terribly affronted if you watch her. A prissy little creature! I wondered why Lady Delilah didnae’ keep her in her cage?
Pardon me; I should dignify Delilah’s cat with her given name. She is called, Mollie. Delilah loves to talk to her by name in cooing tones, but when I dare to recite that nomenclature “Mollie” just stares at me with those huge almond-shaped eyes filled with hostility, looking away in disgust as if I was boring her.
Mollie sleeps pleasantly on the bed pallet with her mistress. Delilah’s greatest joy is watching this useless beast either stalk me or play with multi-colored hairbands—another new word for me—I would have referred to them as thongs that men in the colonies use, bits of rawhide to tie back our long tresses. This is so American, rather than the stodgy, smelly wigs of the British.
There’s also something called a rubber band that Mollie chases and flits from place to place, and finally, yes, there are mice. No, not a real mouse! These are made of cloth in vivid hues, some that rattle, some with bells, some with long tails and feathers to dangle in front of Queen Mollie. I can think of her in no other context rather than the highest of feminine royalty.
The name “Mollie” is known to me as an Irish wench. Delilah tells me, however, that this wee critter (less than one-half stone in weight; according to Delilah only six pounds? I think of pounds as currency) is Turkish in heritage and an Angora, but I cannae’ accept the lady’s jest for all know that the Angora is a goat!
Thus, a long, tedious tale of my new arch-enemy. This is how Queen Mollie became a member of our astral team.