Review of “Tales From The Garden” by Sally Cronin … A Book to Cherish!

Tales From The Garden

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Why is it that when we conjure up the term “adult fairy tale” the erotic comes to mind rather than the esoteric, classical, or mystical? Do naught legends and myths for all age groups, sung by repetition and rhyme for centuries by traveling Bards, have a certain moral code and morale?

Being whimsical and child-like by nature, I dream that I’m talking, dancing and singing with the wee people, ethereal spirits, and creatures of the forests in the most dignified and respectful manner possible. I am so delighted by “Tales From The Garden” because author Sally Cronin depicts her characters with utmost courtesy and responsibility. These are truly the fairy tales of folklore from long ago, telling their ancient stories up to and including the modern era in which we live.

Such are the stone guardians of a Spanish garden where the statues have watched over and protected the fairy kingdom of Magia under the expanse of a regal magnolia tree for countless decades and centuries. Cronin richly tells how each masterpiece was created, some shaped and carved by craftsmen, artists and masons; some flesh-and-blood lost, dismayed or ill-treated humans, animals, and birds as well as long forgotten mythical creatures magically transformed by the fairies.

Sally Cronin’s creative little book packs a huge message on life, love, respect and honor.

I don’t know whether to refer to Cronin’s delightful, endearing tales as Literary, Poetic Prose, or the Songs and Lyrics of the wind, the sun, and the moon as each and every glorious sunrise and sunset allows the stones to come to lifeĀ at night. They flourish under the last emperor and old master, Moyhill Royal Flush, or Sam as the stalwart wardens call him, whom they respect and adore even long after the master’s lifespan is over; it being so much less than their own. But Sam has his own royal stone plaque.

I’ll cite but few of Cronin’s Creatures so as not to spoil the stories of the eloquent, meaningful cast of characters. Just keep your eye on the dwarf band with the pearly girl vocalist and rabbit backup singer, who are prone to be devilish tricksters as surely as modern musicians. All in good fun, of course. Be ever watchful of the witch who feeds the ducks and swans, only to have them end up in her large pot to be deep fried. ‘Tis said she has a new broom. Before you depart the spacious garden pay homage to the Queen of the fairies and her new young prince husband. The Queen will tell you all about her previous wayward King. Her majesty finally giving the stone-frozen, banished King happiness and love in the modern world after eons of silent reflection, transforming him and his ever-watchful paramour to our lot with warmth, breath and death as humankind. And be sure not to miss the summer Fairy Ball!

The book concludes with the history of the garden and its family, bringing reality home.

All may not live happily ever after, but you as readers most assuredly shall. Whenever the mundane or sadness beckons at your door, reach for this volume and let your imagination soar to lofty heights. We all can be whimsical and child-like to the end of our days. I highly recommend you indulge in this Tome of Enchantment.