Summer’s End

Where did the days go?

So quickly and so silently

Stealing swiftly to-and-fro

I lost a season

Without a reason.

But the beauty of autumn

Beckons us all

Ease the heat and humidity from

Every locale and lull

Us blessedly into the harvest

So that the earth’s bounty may rest.

by Deborah A. Bowman

brown leaf

Really Very Miracle …

True to form, I’m learning social media as I use it. So Tumblr is new for me, but it’s interesting. Please, go take a quick peek at my new site. It’s called “Really Very Miracle”.

We all are unique, beautiful, and outstanding individuals. We need to use our love and intuition to connect, discuss, and aid our societies. Each tormented soul or mind must be touched by love and healed. There is plenty of love to go around if we but search within ourselves to seek the quiet pleas of haunted eyes, crying out for help.

You will be astounded by the glory and miracles we possess that are never released and allowed to grow. Find your inner peace and we can change the world….one silenced, fearful being at a time. It is so worth the effort to watch someone blossom before your very eyes …It is “Really Very Miracle” to touch another soul’s heart when you act as a vessel of The Creator who gave you life. Life is for abundance, joy, and love. Let’s pass it around and share the manifestation of heaven on earth.

Blessings, Deborah A. Bowman














New Year’s Eve Message


2016 was a year of firsts and lasts. Hello to new events and occurrences, not all of them good; goodbye to many familiar faces and loved ones. Heaven has many shining lights that once graced this earth. Topsy-turzy news and weather kept us in a state of imbalance, which can produce a giggle at times or plummet our spirits. We take the sad and the glad, the strong and the wrong, and the glow with the show … all in stride, anticipating the ride. I believe we all long for a little peace and subdued quiet in 2017. The erratic and didactic have become a little cumbersome.
Yet, blessings came to us as well in this 16th year of a century …
To strengthen our faith and sustain our venturing ….
For all those joys of spirit and laughter …
I thank our Lord, Who lovingly gives us all the Hereafter.

Hello World!

I’ve been under-the-weather for weeks! The flu can be very dangerous for those of us with compromised immune systems. I have Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis–20 years +. The flu shot didn’t include all the mutated strains out there this year. I don’t mean to complain. In fact, I want to say, Thank you, God, for getting me through upper respiratory infection/pneumonia once again.

IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE! Blessing to all my followers. Stay well and happy!