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Every one who comes to my blog, bowmanauthor, knows I write poetry from abstract to antiquity to the absurd. I write tips and tricks of the trade in publishing trends, and my passion: books of fiction, usually with a paranormal vein. I also try to post some book reviews, but not so often of late as I also do fiction editing, graphic design for business promo packages, and ghostwriting for nonfiction. My dance card has been a little full. Reading for pleasure has taken a backseat to the heartfelt world of mentoring other writers: the “Pick and Shovel Work” of plot and content development.

That’s where comes in. The job everyone hates to tackle in their own writing where the “Elements of Style” meet English Composition. The not so creative necessities of making sure everything gels together in accuracy, clarity, and cohesiveness. The part that us creative authors hate to  do! Pesky rules on punctuation, grammar, and verb tenses, word definition and choice, and flowing syntax. Yuck! Knowing the parts of speech and diagramming sentences. But it really does help your writing if the sentences really do make sense.

So you never know what you will find when you stumble into my blog. I just hope you’ll contact me when you need a little assistance with a manuscript that needs a little polishing. Picks and shovels also mine precious gems from congealed ore. Let me help you take your diamond in the rough and release its brilliance in all its multi-faceted glory.

Happy writing as well as creativity and polished editorially correct manuscripts to everyone!

Deborah A. Bowman, Publishing Advisor, Writer/Editor/Ghostwriter, Formatting and Critiques


The Book…

simple book
So much more than blank pages!

Open the page

Let in the light

Let yourself gaze

At all that is bright

The wisdom within

The happiness it brings

All the places we have been

Fit for Queens and Kings

A book is magic

On every page

Harmony and wit

Divine, wondrous, sage…

Deborah A. Bowman, bowmanauthor

How Does Time Get Away From Us

Time for Silence
The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.

How does time get away from us?

We try to do so much … too much!

In our crazy active lives, tasks go quick

But there are more things to make us tick.

We don’t want  to  be left behind

When new technology fills the mind.

The rapid influx of innovation

Calls to us in demanding recreation.

We want to try everything…

See everything…

Do everything…


So time gets gobbled up

Like a feast that we sup

And we look back and lament

That time is no longer urgent.

We forget what we must do first

Overcome by hunger and thirst

For news and info and games and fame.

Slow down a little, enjoy silence.

Let peace and calm be your dance.

Do you need some assistance in getting your book ready to market?


A short note from the CEO of Clasid Consultants Publishing, Inc., Deborah A. Bowman:

I am an author, writer/editor, proofreader, book reviewer, cover/graphics designer, and publisher with 20+ years of experience. I really like to help new writers start off with a quality book. It’s how you get noticed and have your writing taken seriously.

I’m willing to coach and to teach, and questions are free. I learned to write, format, and layout books start-to-finish the old fashioned way, when cut-and-paste was done with an Xacto knife, scissors, light-table, and adhesive. The quality of these books was incredible, but it took as long as a year or more to crop, scale, strip-in, correct, and proofread one letter at a time.

I have taken my skills and applied them to the current technology. There are pros and cons to both, but I believe the quality of yester-year can be achieved with the rapidity of technology today. Do a search for writing, editing, proofreading, and tricks-of-the-trade for information I have already shared on my blog,

My company is The website is up and running, but we’re constantly adding new consultants and referral partners. Notify us if you want to be included in our list of experts and specialists. Let me help you be the best that you can be at your chosen craft! My rates are based on your needs and budget. I’ll read and critique your first chapter for free!


Sorry for “planting” an error (HA!) and age-appropriate books

Reading your own blog? I’d rather read other blogs! Time is so fickle!

I found the misuse of a word when I went back to a work-in-progress (novella). Of course, the one I excerpted in my blog. I always read related sections to make sure they “jive” (small chapters or sections marked off are an author’s friend and a reader’s breather). I apologize to anyone who caught the misuse of “sublime” that should have been “supine.” Did I really put that SEARCH feature on my blog?

Of course, it’s located right before a break in a very strategic sentence. Poor Delilah.

I’ve also realized the novella series “Delilah, Astral Investigator” is age-appropriate for “tweens,” teens, young adults, adults. If I’m going to be sending her back in time or to the future, my research better be accurate. I have a 12 (soon-to-be 13) year old grand daughter to test market and a dear friend who is an amazing teacher! They’ll keep me in line!

What better way to relive history? Delilah will take you there. What better way to foresee the future? Delilah will show the way. Time continuum is like a river. Jump in where- and whenever you like–the water’s fine! I’m not going to drown anyone . . . at least not anytime soon.

The Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series is also age-appropriate for 10-100 years old. My grand daughter test marketed that for me over a year ago.

Novellas are great for kids who want a quick read. After all they do have homework to do. Teaching history, grammar, vocabulary, well . . . it just happens!

Also, people in a hurry . . . isn’t it nice to come to a conclusion or even a cliff-hanger over lunch? Riding the subway to work?

I’ve been told I can only write in 150,000-word novels . . . and, yes, I’m always working on one of those, too, but I learned to tweet with limited characters and say what I wanted to say.

The mechanics of writing: editing, layout, html, eBook publishing, printed books, galley sheets, blue-lines (now I’m showing my age), but I’m sure there’s people who still remember “goldenrods”? Delilah setting cold lead type, backwards, in trays for a newspaper? She’d be lost! She’s a very modern, young lady.

Sweet dreams and pleasant editing. Proofreading is the pits!