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Classically Ever After by Sherry Carroll

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15 pages
Classically Ever After
by Sherry Carroll
621 pages
Believing the Lie
by Elizabeth George
Believing the Lie by Elizabeth  George
191 pages


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In Farleigh Field
by Rhys Bowen
In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen
Silent Libretto by Stephanie Barker
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Silent Libretto
by Stephanie Barker



What's in a Name? by Sally Cronin
What’s in a Name?
by Sally Cronin

it was amazing

5.00 average

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You Can Ask The Universe Anything by Michael Hetherington
My first review of the year
liked it
Strictly “yes and no” answers to questions left me a little cold for such an intense subject area, but some vaguely acceptable information. Written a little awkwardly and repetitive.
Annie's Story, Blessed With A Gift by Deborah A. Bowman Bowman
You Can Ask The Universe Anything by Michael Hetherington
The Retribution by Val McDermid
it was amazing
Time and Again by Deborah Heal
Twisted Secrets by Donna M. Zadunajsky
Naked Heat by Richard Castle
January by Peter          Edwards
Portergirl by Lucy Brazier
The Witch of Bracken's Hollow by Evan Winters
GOODNIGHT LOVE by Tania Giguere
What's in a Name? by Sally Cronin
it was amazing
A Queen's Spy by Samantha Burnell
Glimpses by Hugh W. Roberts
Classically Ever After by Sherry Carroll

Every Day Isn't Perfect, Volume I by K.L. Register
Lost in Me by Lexi Ryan
Accursed Women by Luciana Cavallaro
J.D. Robb - Eve Dallas In Death Series updated 2017 in readin... by Avid Reader
Forged in Fire by Fraser Scott
Edinburgh Twilight by Carole Lawrence
it was amazing
Reiki Level I Certification Manual Usui & Tibetan by Gail Thackray
Silent Libretto by Stephanie Barker
The Paranormal Investigations of Mr Charles Fort by T.E.   Scott
Believing the Lie by Elizabeth  George
In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen
VAMPYRIE by Tina Frisco
100 Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow
Boudicca by Thomas Jerome Baker
liked it
Boudicca by Thomas Jerome Baker
My last review of the year
liked it
A Short History of Valor and Death

Barker tells the tale quickly and succinctly of the Iceni tribe under the leadership of Queen Boudicca. Her bravery, courage, and need for revenge did not save her people, but will live on in history and tradition as the most incredible stand of the Celtic people against tyranny. They fought and died for freedom.

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Review of “Tales From The Garden” by Sally Cronin … A Book to Cherish!

Tales From The Garden

5-star rating
My Rating

Why is it that when we conjure up the term “adult fairy tale” the erotic comes to mind rather than the esoteric, classical, or mystical? Do naught legends and myths for all age groups, sung by repetition and rhyme for centuries by traveling Bards, have a certain moral code and morale?

Being whimsical and child-like by nature, I dream that I’m talking, dancing and singing with the wee people, ethereal spirits, and creatures of the forests in the most dignified and respectful manner possible. I am so delighted by “Tales From The Garden” because author Sally Cronin depicts her characters with utmost courtesy and responsibility. These are truly the fairy tales of folklore from long ago, telling their ancient stories up to and including the modern era in which we live.

Such are the stone guardians of a Spanish garden where the statues have watched over and protected the fairy kingdom of Magia under the expanse of a regal magnolia tree for countless decades and centuries. Cronin richly tells how each masterpiece was created, some shaped and carved by craftsmen, artists and masons; some flesh-and-blood lost, dismayed or ill-treated humans, animals, and birds as well as long forgotten mythical creatures magically transformed by the fairies.

Sally Cronin’s creative little book packs a huge message on life, love, respect and honor.

I don’t know whether to refer to Cronin’s delightful, endearing tales as Literary, Poetic Prose, or the Songs and Lyrics of the wind, the sun, and the moon as each and every glorious sunrise and sunset allows the stones to come to life at night. They flourish under the last emperor and old master, Moyhill Royal Flush, or Sam as the stalwart wardens call him, whom they respect and adore even long after the master’s lifespan is over; it being so much less than their own. But Sam has his own royal stone plaque.

I’ll cite but few of Cronin’s Creatures so as not to spoil the stories of the eloquent, meaningful cast of characters. Just keep your eye on the dwarf band with the pearly girl vocalist and rabbit backup singer, who are prone to be devilish tricksters as surely as modern musicians. All in good fun, of course. Be ever watchful of the witch who feeds the ducks and swans, only to have them end up in her large pot to be deep fried. ‘Tis said she has a new broom. Before you depart the spacious garden pay homage to the Queen of the fairies and her new young prince husband. The Queen will tell you all about her previous wayward King. Her majesty finally giving the stone-frozen, banished King happiness and love in the modern world after eons of silent reflection, transforming him and his ever-watchful paramour to our lot with warmth, breath and death as humankind. And be sure not to miss the summer Fairy Ball!

The book concludes with the history of the garden and its family, bringing reality home.

All may not live happily ever after, but you as readers most assuredly shall. Whenever the mundane or sadness beckons at your door, reach for this volume and let your imagination soar to lofty heights. We all can be whimsical and child-like to the end of our days. I highly recommend you indulge in this Tome of Enchantment.




5-Star Reviews for Stroke of Midnight! Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series, Book 2, Free Promo on all 3 Novellas through April 29th

Second Novellas in the Series
Second Novella in the Series


Edge of your seat!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
A sequel to the story, Stroke of Fear, a riveting tale that makes you want to read more. What will happen to Clarissa? Is she still alive? It’s killing me not to know how this Novella will end and if more is said about Denny’s sixth sense. You must read these stories to the very end! Great read, I love this author.

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Denny Ryder mysteries are written very well, and I love books about the paranormal. I can’t wait for the next one!

Reviews for the Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series…All 3 Novellas Free, April 25-29, 2015




From the onset one can tell this author has a writing pedigree

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
From the outset one can tell the author has a writing pedigree. The structure is laid out to capture the reader and envelope them in the world of Denny and the gifted challenges she faces with trepidation.
Why do we dream? Are dreams truly a gateway to the soul or the doorway to the subconscious? Or is there even a difference?
Denny questions why she has this gift and whether or not it is even a privilege. Regardless, she seeks answers and tries to use her gift to help others avoid the turmoil she has no choice but to experience.
Ms. Bowman’s use of the word makes you feel the emotions and environment as she spins through Denny’s mind to portray an unwanted gift that only helps others while she herself is tortured. A wonderfully gripping read.
First in a Paranormal Crime Series
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

The “STROKE OF” novella series is unlike anything else I’ve ever read. I don’t read a ton of Paranormal literature, but I’ve read enough to have covered most of the major tropes in the sub-genre. STROKE OF FEAR employs several common tropes to great effect, including a physically disabled psychic, lucid dreams, second sight, and dreams a harbingers of future (or current) events. What makes STROKE OF FEAR unique isn’t the setup or the characters, but rather the style of the writing and the way the story is told. BOWMAN has found a way to marry some pretty dark thematic material to a lighthearted writing style. Somehow it works. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but BOWMAN won me over, and by the time I finished this relatively short novella, I was ready to read the next two.

A Must Read!
By Donna Zadunijsky
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This was a fast read that kept me turning the pages to the very end. Could Denny have been dreaming or was she really there with the killer? The story makes you wonder what’s real and what isn’t, still questions enter my mind wondering if she can see where the place is and can help put the murderer away for life. Would be nice to see a second book to this story and find out what happens. Author Deborah Bowman, out did herself on this Novella. Such a great read and definitely worth buying.

Review of “Getting to Mr. Right” by Carol Balawyder

Deborah A. Bowman's Rating
Deborah A. Bowman’s Rating

Getting Mr. Right


If it were only that easy! But, of course, it is not.

Carol Balawyder has captured the psychological and the emotional, two strong detrimental or favorable adherents to how to succeed in finding Prince Charming. This book is more truth than fiction, and one or more of the main characters will resonate within you in the dating/relationship/marriage arena.

Do you sabotage your own chances for happiness? Do you have a father or lack-of-father complex? Do you fall in love too easily and unrealistically? Or will this wonderful storytelling open your eyes to what you are really looking for? Of course, first, you have to know what that is.

Campbell, Felicity, Suzy, and especially recently separated Missi are thrown together in a scientific study to debunk the Prince Charming myth. Surprises are in store galore as everyone’s perceptions are altered by their personal choices and the push-me/pull-me energy of the group. Readers will all learn valuable lessons–some are happy; some are sad. Just as readers will identify with the great research that has gone into this novel.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction allows truth to surface in amazing ways.

I highly recommend this great read for women of all ages and men who may want to understand us female creatures from Venus a little better. Enjoy the ride!

Wrist Surgery. I won’t be able to type for 6 weeks…definitely going to try the Dragon Speech-to-text software! Read on to see how it could be a great proofreading/editing tool for everyone. Wish me luck!

blackdragonI was in a little car mishap about 14 months ago. Tendon and ligaments were torn in my right wrist. The doctor and I have tried everything to keep me typing…with no success. Surgery is tomorrow. 6 weeks in a cast from my fingertips to almost up to my shoulder. What’s a girl to do who’s a writer/editor/publisher/book reviewer? Maybe lots of time to read! Type reviews one-handed? I CAN DO THAT!

I purchased the DRAGON software/speech-to-text last year when I originally hurt my wrist, but since I could still type, albeit painfully, I never set it up completely. NOW I HAVE TO DO IT!

I’ll try to update with reports on the DRAGON for those of you out there interested in it. I actually think it could be a good editing tool. As I written about many times before…you can’t edit or proofread your own copy, no matter how good you are at spotting errors. If you wrote it…if you typed it…it’s engrained in your gray matter. When you try to proofread or edit, your brain automatically reads over the typos and errors. Your physical organ, the brain, sees what it thinks is there, not necessarily what is there.

WITH THE DRAGON, you’ll be using a completely different set of senses. You’ll be speaking. The more senses you can use to learn something or remember something (seeing, hearing, touching through typing), the more thoroughly you retain the information, which can be great if you want to memorize something, but not so much if you want to proofread or edit like it’s the first time you’ve seen the material. So, that said, tell stories or relate nonfiction to your heart’s content to get your initial ideas on screen with DRAGON. Then, look at it for your initial edit and rewrite. It will be fresh, new, and not all bogged up in your brain. It may look terrible for the first go-round, but that in itself can inspire your brain to see where it needs work.

I’ve learned much of this through trial-and-error, but just for those who need credentials, I have a master’s equivalent in Writing/Editing from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School (back when I went, it wasn’t counted as college credit as it is now) with a minor in Psychology and accredited ACPH–Advanced Clinical Psychological Hypnotherapist. Believe it or not, my hypnotherapy classes from the National Guild of Hypnotists is where I learned most of the brain retention/learning information. I specialized in ADHD teenagers. Please refer back to some of my previous blogs on editing and proofreading if this fascinating subject interests you.

I hope to stay in touch with everyone, and thank you all for checking out my blog.





Book Reviews

Book Reviews, two small words . . . one BIG subject!

We all write because we have to . . . keeping the feelings and descriptions within us would be detrimental to our health, and I am being serious, not “flip” or comical.

Of course, once you write, you want someone, anyone, to read your words. You want to share. You write because you care . . . about humanity, about life, about others in your chosen craft. We write because we are readers first! We are not competing–we are giving. Only life experiences have brought me to this comfortable place.

So how do you get others to read what you write? How do you get Book Reviews? This seems to be the question I hear most from authors of all genres–fiction and nonfiction.

I can’t speak for anyone else. I can only tell you what I choose to do. I review at least one book a week. Please bear with me, just a few more moments, a few more sentences so I can share . . .  this time.

I’m retired, though slightly younger than retirement age–not much–and my mobility is somewhat restricted, not as bad as it once was. Yet, I’m not slowing down–I’m speeding up–busier than I’ve ever been when I worked full-time.

In retirement, all I wanted to do was write fiction–the one form of writing that eluded me during my entire working career. I wrote for others and made their words and images look nice, made them accurate, took pride in them, regardless of the subject matter. So now I thought I had time to write my own words and I have. I felt true freedom for the first time since I wrote poetry as a child, wrote songs and lyrics as a young performer, and wrote silly notes to my friends to make them laugh. But that was a long time ago.

Then, somehow, just recently I returned to my roots. My fiction writing was temporarily halted as I began ghost writing for someone else, using “his” voice–not mine–laying out the pages, making “his” words and the images I selected to enhance “his” words look nice, made them accurate, took pride in them . . . I’m not quite finished with this project, but I’m pleased with it. Upon completion, it will be camera-ready, published as an eBook by myself as a gift to my client, and ready for him to use for his own personal crusade–and it is a very noble one.

Even though my time is scarce, and my personal writing is crying out to me for attention, I still review one book a week. I hope to be able to do more in the future. After all, I’m going to be reading anyway. I still write fiction in little “snippets.” It’s progress.

There is so much to learn, so much to share, so much to give. I want to “learn” something from every book I read.

There is a massive amount of writing out there to be read. It was different when I first started writing. Fiction was hard to publish, finishing a book of any genre was a massive accomplishment, many people started books and never finished them, myself included.

I started my first novel on a $99.00 Montgomery Wards portable typewriter, then I paid someone to put it on a word processor. I rewrote it five times. Then I helped launch an eBook site in the late 1990’s, a little premature for eBooks. But, I began learning how to use my skills in editing, writing, layout, format, etc.,  on a computer with other people’s books. It allowed me to list my own. I introduced one novel and one anthology of short stories that no longer exist, but still live inside me.

Book Reviews . . . two small words . . . one BIG subject!