Writing is My Game–Editing and Mentoring My Fame

My Annie Doll, Computer, Kindle, Glasses, Flash Drive, and Keyboard

This is where the magic begins, blends, comes together, and ends

I take no blame and express no shame

In the fact that Annie’s existence has inspired me with no resistance.

This is where the characters come alive and strive

To capture my attention and create an intervention

They cry, laugh, giggle and speak to compete

With all the books waiting to be complete

They seek meaning and life through my acting and reacting

The doll’s name is Annie and she is Blessed With a Gift

Due to be released this year

Annie will share her fears and tears

Her love, happiness, and sadness

But most of all, she wants to share her love

Blessed With A Gift of white light healing

She gives her life and her strife

As a child, mother and wife

It’s so sad she will never hold her daughter

But she will live on in verse and historical fiction

Annie is the character who caused the most friction

Her voice will be heard…

In my story and my words…

God Bless Annie from the mid-1600s

In a Colonial America

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The Sky is the Limit!


The sky is the limit if you but believe in yourself.

We write many books to collect dust on the shelf.

We want to attract readers, but competition is tough.

Finding the right promo can really be rough.

I see my dear friends, writers all, searching social media

To put out the word, reach for the sky, and tension relieve.

But I know we all would still write, even if nobody reads,

And put as much wordsmithing, editing, and proofreads

In every book, every blog, every post, every review

That we write for other authors to encourage and renew

Our humble opinions or assistance in a close-knit kinship.


By Deborah A. Bowman

It’s a Cold, Dreary Day

Destination Nowhere

It’s a cold, dreary day

When we were all ready for spring

The dark clouds hide the sun’s rays

The sunrise is muted, lost colors do not bring

A heartening glory for The Universe to sing

But the softness of misty morns

Can still keep you warm

Linger by the fire, no urgency to do anything

Tranquility and peace in the chill of spring

The water laps in comforting waves

Pink horizon high above will save the day

You can spend your time in any way

With no reason for hurry or haste

A cold, dreary day does not waste

The dreams in your mind on which you may dwell

The quiet reflection and gray seclusion, you can never tell

The wondrous bounty it will bring in healing the soul

A cold, dreary day to manifest a fitting new role

To cherish all things that enrich, rather than control.

by Deborah A. Bowman 




Thanks to Everyone for Their Comments on the Cover, ANNIE’S STORY: BLESSED WITH A GIFT! (I didn’t select either one of them … This is the final!)

Annie lives in her own world. She talks to the animals and faeries. Quoted from ANNIE'S STORY: BLESSED WITH A GIFT--
Annie lives in her own world. She talks to the animals and faeries. Quoted from ANNIE’S STORY: BLESSED WITH A GIFT–“Annie is an enigma.”

I am so thankful and overwhelmed by the helpful comments and suggestions I received on my blog, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and emails regarding the cover for my book, “Annie’s Story: Blessed With A Gift.” This has been a difficult task for me because in many ways, I am Annie. Therefore, I’m way too close to be objective.

This is a version of the very first cover and a dozen tries later I have come back to it because it shows what Annie sees and how her mind works.

From the FOREWORD:

“… Annie was mentally slow, stunted in growth, and lacking in social and emotional development… Annie couldn’t read or write, … but … was an incredible savant, reciting songs, rhymes, recipes, and medicinal incantations… She was a natural [telepathic and white light] healer, blessed with a special gift from the Spiritual Universe.”

Coming in early 2016, I will share precious Annie with all of you.

Deborah A. Bowman, author

Crystal Wonderland…or What a Foot of Snow Looks Like in Washington, D.C.

snow 2 

snow 1

Crystal Wonderland

Diamond-laden trees, twinkling in the light

Bushes filled with pristine snow, shining and bright

A clean new world awaits us today

The silence is eerie, but peaceful in its own way

I’m snug and warm, looking down from the window

I almost think I can taste the frosty cold

The chill is exhilarating in my mind

A day for dreaming and being lost in time

We rarely see this type of Crystal Wonderland

In Washington, D.C., for one day, it’s grand!

snow 4