Faeries Among Us!

Just before dawn, a walk in the woods.

My senses are heightened, if only I could

Watch the wee faeries skip from tree to tree.

In the cloudy mist, I can almost see

Sparkling colors dancing in the sky.

But it fades away when I blink my eyes.

Just a trick of the light with the coming dawn.

There are no glowing pathways through the fog.

 But do I hear a tiny giggle or is it the wind?

I can’t hear when it ends or where it begins.

Just the echo of a whisper from a dream

Or the laughter of a gurgling stream.

Small birds and animals are chirping and chattering.

Why does it sound like ethereal voices singing?

Just a glimpse of color, a hint of a song.

Then the sun rises and I had it all wrong.

There are no faeries; the laughter is gone.

Faeries dwell among us!