Into the darkness… (to be continued)

Into the darkness, 6-1-18I want to apologize to all the wonderful people whom I have not seen their blogs in the past few days, few weeks. As soon as my sight returns, I will have a field day of catching up!

With empathy, Deborah A. Bowman

afterglow backlit clouds dark
Photo by George Becker on

Thanks to photographer George Becker for the amazing cloud cover above…

The bombs are killing; The fires burning

eagle and flag

What has become of our world?

What has become of our United States?

We the greatest nation in the world

Bombs exploding, shots ringing out, people losing faith

Everywhere school children, innocence denied, lives forfeited

Terrorist bombs on world streets, in buildings, airports, clubs, houses of worship

Refugees running, families lost, babies crying out sadly neglected

And as Americans, with a great history; where do we fit?

The fireworks on July 4th hide the sounds of abuse and death

Patriotism is put to the test by fear and greed

Love of humankind is replaced by scams and threats

Are we who live in America really blessed and free?

Open your eyes and see …

Open your hearts and believe …

Where are we going?

Which way is the wind blowing?

How do we stop the madness?

As we’re forced to feel the sadness

And watch our world dissolve into a toxic mess

The 4th of July celebration

Proclaims a new intervention

I pray the world will redeem itself

Before there is nothing left …