The Final Poem in the Silent Retreat Series.

A Writer's Inspirational Setting
A Writer’s Inspirational Setting

This poem is from the last meditation we experienced at the Silent Retreat. I can see in retrospect I have come a long way. Now I am going to take a break for a couple of weeks to go to the beach and to visit my mother. I will miss you all, but have a lot to look forward to when I return to catch up on all your inspiring postings.

The Gift

God/ goddess doesn’t want me to think of dying.

My time is not yet.

It seems I’ve been trying

To find the treasure I did get.

“Annie’s Book, Blessed With A Gift”

Is the one I’ve waited so long to sift

Through the research of past-life regression.

Yet it’s the one that holds the key

To the catharsis that is draining me.

I hear a whisper of a suggestion

That this manuscript will release and heal me.

In silence, I will be free!


The Gift of Life

The Gift

by Deborah A. Bowman

LOVE is felt in hugs, cuddles, and touch

The warmth and security of loving arms mean so much!

PEACE is found in the silence between breaths

As the baby’s head drifts down to rest.

JOY is shared with that first little smile

Thrilling the hearts of both parent and child.

WISDOM is in knowing when to play, laugh, cry, or eat

Or just be calm, still, quiet, and sleep.

PURITY is innocence in all its simplicity

When little eyes widen and glow with wonder and humility!