In Our Time of Need…

The Chivalry of Yesteryear

King Arthur, I summon thee
To return with Merlin in tow.
Come to our aid and see
Earth destroying itself as we go.
So much has happened since you went away
And promised to return.
Now is the day!
We evolved and made great strides to learn
That we really know nothing at all.

medieval armor
Welcome Arthur Back to the Round Table!

–Deborah A. Bowman, poem and design

three kings figurines
Memories of the Season: We need three wise men!






The Past and How It Affects the Future

Gone are the days of history…

by Deborah A. Bowman

Gone are the days of yesteryear.
Gone are smiles, miles, tears and fears.
We of the present can learn from history.
Those of the future will fulfill our destiny.
The past comes alive as sins and wins are repeated.
Triumphs are heralded; Foes are defeated.
If only we could stop the challenges.
If only we could heighten the balances.
It makes me wonder as I ponder,
If all on earth have wandered
These paths before in yesteryear
And have returned with our hopes and fears.
History repeats itself,
But we remain ourselves
Through thick and thin, but in different skins.
Reacting the same way as we begin
Lifetimes in new bodies, when we are given
A chance to redeem our numerous sins
Or spread truth and love, strong and sage,
As we enter life in a future age.
Will I live again
Or is this the end?

Perhaps is this me in a previous life?

Time, The Final Frontier?

Time, c A concept created by humankind in sync with the planetary solar system in which we live. How is time calculated in other parts of the Universe? In other solar systems?
Time, a concept created by humankind in sync with the planetary solar system in which we live. How is time calculated in other parts of the Universe? In other solar systems?

Time, not Space, could be The Final Frontier. Time is infinite.
Is Time, not Space, The Final Frontier? You may be surprised

As I contemplate History

I realize that “Time” is but a theory

To placate our minds

Based on planetary signs.

The sun rises in the morn,

Descends as night forms.

What becomes of our abstract theory

When we relocate ourselves in Space?

Day and night, Time’s conceptual base,

Would cease to be.

A new tracking system would needs be devised

To organize and plan our lives.

What happens to the earth’s History

When years, centuries, eons in theory

No longer fit the criteria we see.

What if there is no day and night?

What a disturbing, chaotic plight!

But we don’t have to venture to Outer Space

To disrupt synchronicity and face

The moment of Time in our minds.

Time has no end, nor did it begin.

It is infinite, cylindrical, always has been.

Measured to make sense for humankind

In increments that we do not find

Anywhere else in the Universe.

The earth is but a tiny dot

In a mass of infinitly ruled by thought.

No past, no future, no present, no Time,

Only what we create in our minds.

The threads of History start to unravel

As soon as we theorize the concept of Time Travel,

Which exists, has always existed.

Our sense of order has continually resisted

The reality of moving forward or backward in Time

To create alternate Histories in alternate realities.

When you create words in your mind

You never know what you will find

Masquerading as Time.

The Time continuum has no Time.

The Final Frontier is infinite in design.

Never ending, never begun.

Past, present, future–History–all one.

Create your words keeping in mind,

We all can travel through the theory of Time.

Deborah A. Bowman © 2015

The Timeless Universe
The Timeless Universe

The Future … Where do we go from here?

Where Are We Headed?
Where Are We Headed?

It is said the past reveals the future

And that history repeats itself.

Do you think that this rash and tired venture

Still holds the promise of direction for self?

Does the world follow the same rules and schemes?

Or has the quick techno/change-o internet

Given us new ideas, goals, and dreams?

We may be seeking a new fulfillment.

Each generation believed they were destined

To be drastically different than their ancestors.

The cycle continued and challenges festered

And many became capitalists and investors.

Now a new modern age is upon us

With computers, insta-gram, and artificial intelligence.

Where will we end up in the hurry and rush

To find the next quick, robotic advancement?

Somehow it seems we’ve taken an unique turn

That will no longer connect us to what we have learned

From the past, our parents, the earth’s history.

Maybe we can no longer envision futuristic imagery.

Good, bad, sad, exciting?

Who knows?

Let’s hope it’s inviting

And not the doom that some would show.

The future is unknown, uncertain…

It will be based on technology in the Universe.

Where do we fit in?

When will it begin?

It’s already set in motion … done!

The future has already begun!

A poem by Deborah A. Bowman

Reading Stimulates the Mind! (Inspired by

water your mind

How can we let the words of our ancestry

Dissolve in apathy and lethargy?

Where are the thinkers, the readers, who learned from history

The way to the future, progression through evolution?

The mind is a precarious concept–it cannot be seen or touched,

But the mind can be starved, filled with anxiety, rushed …

To the point of no return.

We need to learn from the written word.

–Deborah A. Bowman

Sorry for “planting” an error (HA!) and age-appropriate books

Reading your own blog? I’d rather read other blogs! Time is so fickle!

I found the misuse of a word when I went back to a work-in-progress (novella). Of course, the one I excerpted in my blog. I always read related sections to make sure they “jive” (small chapters or sections marked off are an author’s friend and a reader’s breather). I apologize to anyone who caught the misuse of “sublime” that should have been “supine.” Did I really put that SEARCH feature on my blog?

Of course, it’s located right before a break in a very strategic sentence. Poor Delilah.

I’ve also realized the novella series “Delilah, Astral Investigator” is age-appropriate for “tweens,” teens, young adults, adults. If I’m going to be sending her back in time or to the future, my research better be accurate. I have a 12 (soon-to-be 13) year old grand daughter to test market and a dear friend who is an amazing teacher! They’ll keep me in line!

What better way to relive history? Delilah will take you there. What better way to foresee the future? Delilah will show the way. Time continuum is like a river. Jump in where- and whenever you like–the water’s fine! I’m not going to drown anyone . . . at least not anytime soon.

The Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series is also age-appropriate for 10-100 years old. My grand daughter test marketed that for me over a year ago.

Novellas are great for kids who want a quick read. After all they do have homework to do. Teaching history, grammar, vocabulary, well . . . it just happens!

Also, people in a hurry . . . isn’t it nice to come to a conclusion or even a cliff-hanger over lunch? Riding the subway to work?

I’ve been told I can only write in 150,000-word novels . . . and, yes, I’m always working on one of those, too, but I learned to tweet with limited characters and say what I wanted to say.

The mechanics of writing: editing, layout, html, eBook publishing, printed books, galley sheets, blue-lines (now I’m showing my age), but I’m sure there’s people who still remember “goldenrods”? Delilah setting cold lead type, backwards, in trays for a newspaper? She’d be lost! She’s a very modern, young lady.

Sweet dreams and pleasant editing. Proofreading is the pits!