I’ve been off-the-grid/Proofreading Tip

I was out of town–no wifi? I didn’t think such places existed anymore! Still going to do some editor, proofreader, publishing tips for all of you who follow me on WordPress and Twitter.

Tip for today: Proofreading. It is impossible, no matter how skilled and educated you are, to proofread and/or copy-edit your own material. The brain is an amazing organ. It retains and memorizes everything! We just don’t know it! Confusing, I know, but that’s how it works, folks. No matter how cold it is . . . and I’ve let them get “iced” . . . your brain remembers what you originally wrote and you read right over what is on the page or screen. You see what is in your subconscious, not necessarily what is actually there. Spell-check can be a friend and a foe. If it makes a word, spell-check will change it on WORD 2010, even if you don’t. Not a nice surprise after a 400-page book has been laid out for printing. I’ve tried to beat this self-proofreading, self-editing dilemma for many years more than some of your have been on earth, and I am a tough editor. I’m so disgusted with myself when I find an error . . . not me! Be kind to yourself and find a proofreader who is a stickler for accuracy to the point that you either get mad or get your feelings hurt. My feelings have been hurt and I have been angry, but it doesn’t sell books or impress an agent/publisher/editor. Sometimes proofreaders can be friends if they’re avid readers and know how to look for errors. It really is a science. Don’t blame yourself. It’s human nature. Or find and pay a good editor. It’s worth it. I had to learn all this the hard way. “Comments, suggestions, snide remarks are welcomed.” I can’t take credit for that quote. A sales manager used to tell me that. What was I doing in sales anyway? I’m a writer! Live and learn!