Thank you for a wonderful 5- star review!


THANK YOU “Dimmy,” an amazon book reviewer, you captured the essence of my character “Annie” perfectly! My smile is blended with tears of gratitude…

“I read this book a couple of months ago. It is the story of a little girl who was born in the 17th century in North Eastern United States, a time of trouble, war, fury, cold, hunger, suffering, sorrow and a lot of joy too. The little girl seemed to be immune to most of the negative human emotions that trouble human beings. She was brought up lovingly and with care by her grandma, she having lost her parents as she was born. But having been blessed with a sixth sense and the ability to perceive things which are not in the dimensions we human beings know, she was far advanced for her age, time and space. She was well versed in native medicine as was her grandma.
Times were hard but Annie, the little girl grew up as a Blythe spirit. She was physically handicapped but mentally she had the development of people far beyond other human beings. In addition she could speak to animals and nature.
This story is about love, and hope and courage and survival.
It gives us hope that in spite of all ills and disabilities, man can still live and live well. Deborah Bowman the writer writes in a clear language and has done her research into the time period well. She has tried to use the language of the times and that increases the authenticity of the content.”


Available on (Kindle and 6×9 softcover) B01N9NRYMU

I hope you will read and fall in love with Annie, too!

Based on a hypnotic past-life regression of the author, Deborah A. Bowman

5-star rating

To Write…

writer's window
A Writer’s Inspirational Setting

To Write … to rhyme ..

To share a moment in time

To give of your feelings

And thus revealing

The truths of your soul

That make you whole

To pledge your story as it unfolds

The manifestation of the roles

The thoughts you have pondered

As you have wandered

Through paradise, utopia

Fearing dystopia

Do not dread

What doomsayers have said

To creep  into your bliss

Ending with a kiss

Of farewell

Come, stay awhile

In the warmth of my smile

Link your self and soul with mine

To intertwine

And ease the heart and mind

Of both of us in trust.

By Deborah A. Bowman, Peering out the window at rays of sun and silence…





The Simplicity of Writing Takes You Wherever You Wish

A Little Knook and Cranny is All I Need to Go Anywhere and Do Anything!
A Little Knook and Cranny is All I Need to Go Anywhere and Do Anything!

I write when I’m happy.

I write when I’m sad.

I write songs just for me

Or to share all I’ve had.

I write what I see.

And words to inspire.

I create a fantasy

In my mind to desire.

I don’t have to take my car

Or a train or a plane.

Just let things be as they are.

My thoughts are the refrain

And my dreams write the verse.

I never have to rehearse.

I can see or be anything I choose.

I can always win, never lose.

I can be young or old.

Create stories never before told

And travel to other times.

All mimicked in rhyme.

Such is the view

From without and within

I’ll write them to you

To show you where I’ve been.

–Deborah A. Bowman

Write Something Wonderful Today!

The Universe is both solid and above us and abstract and within us!
The Universe is both solid and above us and abstract and within us!
Spiritual Energy to Feed the Universal Mind
Spiritual Energy to Feed the Universal Mind

Write Something Wonderful!

copyright by Deborah A. Bowman 2015

Writing something wonderful clears the mind and palette,
Allowing something meaningful to shine through and surface.
Hidden beneath the consciousness is where it’s all at,
And you just have to dig a bit to find your true purpose.
Here’s to finding the divine!
And designing the refined!

The morsel of a thought-form begging to be released
Will open up our higher selves, and writers will increase
The knowledge of the ages upon sterile, blank pages.
Here’s to blank pages filled with erudite messages!
The time has come to channel Universal passages!

In writing, in drawing, in sculpting, we’re sharing truth.
This is where we seek guidance and undeniable proof.
Here’s to the times that define our roles!
To both writer and reader, the wisdom unfolds!

In the spiritual realm that reaches and teaches,
Each vessel of humanity is resolving and evolving.
Here’s to writing something wonderful to enlighten our souls!
Here’s to the beauty of thoughts, words, art, and behold…
Destiny and infinity are never-ending goals!

Angels dwell among us!

Angels dwell among us!

We Have to Make Time for Silence and Healing

The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.
The seconds of our life are ticking by. We need to make time for Silence and cherish every second, every breath.

This is the second poem from the Silent Retreat.


by Deborah A. Bowman

Times seems to mean so little in the grand scheme of things.

Fleeting and precious, we are mere dots of energy the light brings.

It only takes a heartbeat, a single breath, a moment

To brew a new formula and give it “time” to ferment.

Seeping into the pores of our bodies and the cells of our brains

Keeping us healthy, centered, balanced and sane.

In silence, we can change our minds in the nick of time!


Activities for the Cold Winter months…give free rein to your creativity

With quill and ink, paint and brush, create your own story
With quill and ink, paint and brush, create your own story

The cold of Winter has turned my thoughts inward…

Reflecting on things that were;

Visualizing what’s to be.

Will I make the same mistakes and rise like the sea

In turmoil, solitude lost in my words?

The voices within just want to be heard,

Crying out to be released.

The long nights of Winter can increase

 Your inspiration, as you withdraw to rest.

You’re free to search your soul and confess

Your innermost desires and secrets in verse,

Drawings, paintings, prose, or simply rehearse

Dialogue from imagined friends out loud.

Because only you can restrict or allow

The words, the images, the scenes that unfold

Into stories that must be told.

–Deborah A. Bowman