Excerpt from ANNIE’S STORY: BLESSED WITH A GIFT–I want you to meet one of Annie’s playmates, Iris the Goat or Missy Unicorn

Iris the Goat is also known as
Iris the Goat is also known as “Missy Unicorn”

You might call Iris a supporting character or a bit player in a movie, but she’s very important in wee Annie’s life of 1630, Lynn, Massachusetts. I want to introduce you to her. She has a story to tell all her own!

EXCERPT FROM “Annie’s Story: Blessed with a Gift” COMING SOON! “Annie’s Story” is about an unusual girl growing up in Colonial America, who is “Blessed with a Gift.” Copyrighted as a Work-In-Progress.

Granny had only released her darlin’ Annie for a few minutes to run outside to the small, fenced-in plot opposite the garden that kept the simpleton goat named Iris from eating all the precious medicinal herbs. T’was milk needed to nurse wee Annie back to health. The babe cried but little, while Iris had bleated loud and long as if scolding the old woman for leaving her unattended. Most days, the only conversations Granny had were with Iris, the dumb creature seeming to understand every word and remarking with strong opinion on every subject.

Did the elderly Widow Blackbain believe that Iris the goat could talk? Aye, she did. She heard the words clearly in her mind. Other members of The Clan may have thought Agnes a wee senile with her advanced years, but some would recall the ancient ways and respect Lugh, god of the animals, whom could bless any human or beast he chose with the gift of animal tongue and cognition. Granny believed she and Iris had been so blessed. The old goat and the old woman gossiped like two mature crones.