Dear Diary; Dear Journal by Deborah A. Bowman

“Where You Write” is just as important as what you write and to whom, but must we always share?

Perhaps, perhaps; yet there are some words only meant for the crisp, clean page that holds the coveted position in a comfortable room, only for you–Dear Diary; Dear Journal, “Hi, there!”

My eyes drift shut for just a moment; dawn has not yet arrived…

I inhale all my other senses in a deep breath–a taste of energy in total silence, a hint of chill, the heady smell of fresh shellac, easily survived…

The scent of raw, lightly treated wood beams, an arched ceiling, floors with a dab of  shiny gloss, immaculate…

It calms my mind and thrills my spirit because I know I can write anything here or even write nothing at all, but the dilemma … to share or retract?

Is everything set up in order on the familiar desk? Yes…

Do I lift the proverbial quill or pen, tap softly on muted keys or simply rest?

But where will the story go if I don’t rush, rush, rush to complete the piece?

Will another writer jot down these stories and give it release?

To spread the full wings of creativity

Where stories are possible; the paranormal in true believability…

To dwell for a brief moment in a time continuum…

Deep poignant thoughts are challenged or read in awe or disgust, hardly humdrum…

If I can see, feel, visualize, live so very much in my own mind

Is it my duty to share my words with all humankind?

A conundrum, ta’ be sure, giving and receiving inspiration

Through rigorous thought, tears, laughter, perspiration…

But do I dare? My Journal, a constant companion; My Diary, dear old friend…

Will people understand my thoughts and or even care in the end?

A Little Nook and Cranny is All I Need to Go Anywhere and Do Anything!

A New Year … A New Writing Project … Dedicated to Sharon Parker, What A Difference One Year Can Make!

It isn’t a game, but the legacy of our lives and the history of humankind.

What does writing mean to you?

A daily chore, a journal of your thoughts and feelings, something new?

It doesn’t matter how the dream came to be

Or how long it’s been since you were able to see

That writing was an unfulfilled yearning.

Use it to move forward, researching and learning.

Look back at your past to discover your true purpose…

The one you thought you’d lost in forgetfulness.

Was there something you wanted to achieve?

But didn’t jot it down or ceased to believe…

In yourself and the power of your mind, your heart, your very soul.

Maybe it’s time to be driven and bold!

Put words to paper in chapter and verse.

Give as you were destined to conquer and reverse

Empty days and nights of longing to be heard

In the beauty and sanctity of your own original words.

Deborah A. Bowman–dedicated to Sharon Lee



Lost in my journals

I kept a journal or a series of journals for years. It’s a writer’s best friend. There was a story I was looking for in them today. How boring my life must be if I have to write short stories in my journal! I went through 7 of them! I found lots of interesting stuff, but not the story I was looking for. How inconvenient. Well, it must not have been any good. The universe says I’m supposed to start again!