The bombs are killing; The fires burning

eagle and flag

What has become of our world?

What has become of our United States?

We the greatest nation in the world

Bombs exploding, shots ringing out, people losing faith

Everywhere school children, innocence denied, lives forfeited

Terrorist bombs on world streets, in buildings, airports, clubs, houses of worship

Refugees running, families lost, babies crying out sadly neglected

And as Americans, with a great history; where do we fit?

The fireworks on July 4th hide the sounds of abuse and death

Patriotism is put to the test by fear and greed

Love of humankind is replaced by scams and threats

Are we who live in America really blessed and free?

Open your eyes and see …

Open your hearts and believe …

Where are we going?

Which way is the wind blowing?

How do we stop the madness?

As we’re forced to feel the sadness

And watch our world dissolve into a toxic mess

The 4th of July celebration

Proclaims a new intervention

I pray the world will redeem itself

Before there is nothing left …




First in a series–Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer/Serial Kidnapper “Let’s keep our children safe and find the missing children whose voices cry in dark.”

Let’s teach our children how to recognize, through actions and voice, the mind of a serial killer or serial kidnapper. Unfortunately, so many children don’t walk willingly into these horrific situations. Telling your children, “Don’t talk to strangers,” or “Don’t get into anyone’s car you don’t know,” is great parenting, but no parent, no policeman, no individual can tell children how not to get abducted. The predators lie in wait, boldly overpower children in broad daylight, and devise criminal methods for stealing our most precious, most vulnerable children.  Let’s do all we can to stop these crimes and find the missing children still out there all over the world!

Copyrighted Excerpt from work-in-progress, publishing date March 21, 2014. This is a work of fiction with factual information. Proceeds will be donated to missing children advocate organizations

Jeremy hadn’t been his finest specimen. Yet, the reporters and journalists had given the kid so much attention, the cops were avid again. They’d just been giving up, the FBI fading into oblivion, when the Dayton/Montgomery County Police Department received another tip from … somewhere?

            Russo was obsessed with hacking the system and finding out the anonymous source, but this time all his genius and IT skills had produced nothin’ … nada … zip. It stuck in Russo’s craw and was driving him crazy!

            Oh, sure, the local and national news had played up all the gory, yet delicious, details of the headless horseman, seven-year-old Jeremy Manchester of Good Hope, Ohio. The police were all in a tizzy about finding the boy’s head. Almost as much trouble as the media were stirring up over that missing little girl, Clarissa.

            “Well, they can hav’her if they can fin’her or what’s left of her, heh,” Benny snorted. “Good luck and happy hunting!” Russo roared with laughter so loud the rafters shook. “No one to hear me out here—just the freezer-full of talkin’heads—kids and critters!” He took a gleeful spin on the bare wood floor, his arms lifted to the log beams overhead, his tongue trying to catch dust motes and sawdust.

(more to come in the series, “The Mind of a Serial Killer/Serial Kidnapper”