International Women’s Day … Everyday is our blessed day to give to our families and friends. It’s what we do!



Women of the world unite!

It’s in the planes and creases of our faces

The earth is filled with darkness and light

There are so many cultures and places

We all have our joys and worries

In love, we feel and heal with zeal

Slow down, savor life, don’t hurry.

Be blessed and real!




Deborah A. Bowman

My Pledge to Myself and Others …

My little pledge of hope…

Angels dwell among us!


In some small way

I will reach out and touch someone

On a hunch … just for fun …

A little or a bunch …

To write, to care, to share, to dare

To uplift, to shift, to drift into a storm

Offering my loving thoughts and feelings warm …

Most of all, to understand, lend a hand, take a stand

There is nothing we cannot weather

If we band together in love and reverence

With respect, time to reflect, direct reference

To the joys of living, the acts of giving …


–Deborah A. Bowman