The Final Poem in the Silent Retreat Series.

A Writer's Inspirational Setting
A Writer’s Inspirational Setting

This poem is from the last meditation we experienced at the Silent Retreat. I can see in retrospect I have come a long way. Now I am going to take a break for a couple of weeks to go to the beach and to visit my mother. I will miss you all, but have a lot to look forward to when I return to catch up on all your inspiring postings.

The Gift

God/ goddess doesn’t want me to think of dying.

My time is not yet.

It seems I’ve been trying

To find the treasure I did get.

“Annie’s Book, Blessed With A Gift”

Is the one I’ve waited so long to sift

Through the research of past-life regression.

Yet it’s the one that holds the key

To the catharsis that is draining me.

I hear a whisper of a suggestion

That this manuscript will release and heal me.

In silence, I will be free!


Poem That Was Channeled to Me After Beautiful Meditation on Thoughts … Silent Retreat #3

Many Clouds as Many  Thoughts
Many Clouds as Many

This is the third poem in my Series on Silence.


by Deborah A. Bowman

Thoughts come in massive crowds.

I see them as clumps of clouds.

Some are dark, angry, forbidding.

Others are light, airy, forgiving.

Ease them away into a clear, blue sky.

Don’t even bother to wonder why.

Beautiful, calming, clear blue sky
Beautiful, calming, clear blue sky

Thoughts like mist pass through and move.

Calm, Silence, this is your proof

That your higher being is one with the Universe.

All static, chaotic energy is released.

Dwell on the present, your new home.

There’s no more reason for your thoughts to roam.

Healing Silence Captured in Verse

Very recently I went to a silent retreat. I wondered with my capricious chatter, as prolific as my writing, how I would ever withstand being totally quiet. But I had a mission, you see. I have not been well, and normal medical science seemed to be letting me down. Would silent reflection help?

I have to respond with a resounding, yet quiet, “Yes!”

Sometimes the things we dwell on and fear the most will respond to just letting go. Another whispered thought is acceptance. All is healing.

I wrote a few poems while in my silent retreat with loving strangers all around me. In the next few days I will share them. The verse tells the story so much better than I ever could.

Contemplative Silence in Nature
Contemplative Silence in Nature

My first poem at the beginning of my silent day:


Please Dear Lord, take away the pain

That governs my life and makes me insane.

Give me peace and energy.

Let me see what I should be.

When did I lose my way

And become what I am today?

How do I let go of years of tears?

How do I let go of all the fears?

I’m the only one who can do this–

Take away the crippling madness.

All I have to do is say, “Yes!”

Taking Time in Silence to See the Angel in the Sky
Taking Time in Silence to See the Angel in the Sky


Creative Visualization–A Walk in the Woods; Let’s save the beauty of nature for our health, our future, and our children

The beauty of nature is all around us! Let's keep it this way.
The beauty of nature is all around us! Let’s keep it this way.