Molly the Cat wants to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Molly, our 17-year old kitten

At just 6.2 lbs, Molly will always be a kitten. She’s an old lady now, but you’d never know it to see her play and rule her domain, our home. She’s healthy as can be and loves to send messages to the outside world which she only sees when she watches television or helps me write my blog, which is often. She also loves music and toys, some of which are in the background of the photo. She sends blessings to all for 2018.


Haunting Music, Paw Prints in Ivory

Tiny paw prints on ivory keys

And yet no one ever sees

The furry culprit in the dark of night

Reflective, gold eyes that need no light

To find the baby grand

The eyes enlarge, she has a plan

To pull the humans from their bed

“A little music will get me fed!”

Dancing tiny soft paws

Tapping in time, delicate claws

The clock strikes 3:00 a.m.

An eerie melody, a lyrical gem

Startles the couple awake

“What’s going on, for heaven’s sake?”

A woman’s voice utters in fear

They both emerge from their silent room

Expecting a harbinger of doom

The impish creature who serenades

Has jumped to the floor, a renegade

The light switch is flipped

Terrified fingers together gripped

Expecting a ghostly apparition

They sigh in relief, a chuckling transition

The man says, “Why do we allow?”

The wee thief in the night answers, “Meow!”

cat and piano
Molly the Cat

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