Review of “Me and My Three–Poems of Survival for My Children and Me: The Perfect Little Family”

Me and My Three just released today (7/10/15)
Me and My Three just released today (7/10/15)

My Rating
My Rating

5-Star Review of Me and My Three by Kathleen Marie
By Deborah A. Bowman, author

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This review is from: Me and My Three: Poems of Survival for My Children and Me: The Perfect Little Family (Kindle Edition)

What do you do when your life is falling apart? How do you survive pain and suffering when it was supposed to be happily ever after? How do you deal with three boys, aged 4, 3, and 8 months all alone? Who’s going to pay the bills, put food on the table, keep the family without a Daddy all together? Yes, Kathleen dealt with all that and poured her heart and soul into her poetry, but it was her “Three,” her children, she worried and cried for most after suffering the fear and pain of an abusive marriage.

No spoilers here, but I believe in happy endings. A MUST READ book of poetry that inspires strength, determination, love, faith, and hope.

And to think … these poems may never have been shared without Kathleen’s life-altering moment. You need to find out what tragedy changed her life and opened up a pathway for a new, beautiful beginning.

STOP THE PRESSES! I Interrupt My Regularly Scheduled Program for This Urgent Review of “Pockets of Chaos: Poems and Stories” by Linda L. Labin!

A Little Book With a Big Punch!

A Little Book With a Big Punch!

My Rating ... Should be 10 Stars!
My Rating … Should be 10 Stars!

Just in Time for Memorial Day, and Boy, Does She Remember A Lot!

by Deborah A. Bowman

Kindle Edition: Pockets of Chaos: Poems and Stories by Linda L. Labin 

Linda L. Labin has it all in her latest book, “Pockets of Chaos: Poems and Stories.” Do you want to laugh until you’re about to split a gut? “Shakespeare’s Generic Bar and Grill.” Then, you turn the page and sadness fills your heart: “Daddy Died.” Or you feel the fear and rage at the events of: “May 4, 1970.” You ponder with Linda: “The Existential Questions.” And this does not even begin to scratch the surface!

An incredible sense of humor. None like I’ve ever seen before, and I make fun and create word-puns on just about everything! “English is Quirky,” Linda tells us, and she is so right!

This book covers every emotion ever dreamed of by humankind and probably a few more thrown in that are uniquely Labin. She talks (yes! you can literally hear her speaking!) about everything from very informational heritage and genetics, to aging, to love, to loss, to gloss and glimmer, to stories and poems that will brighten your day, jog your memory, teach you, reach you, beseech you, search your mind in ways you never thought possible.

Hilarious, inspirational, frightening, nostalgic with wit, wisdom, endearing nonsense, based on her incredible life and experiences, both in fact and fiction.

Written in lovely little snatches that say so much … perfect for the beach or on a cold winter night before retiring; and the best way I know to greet every day! This, of course, would be the second, third, fourth, fifth time you read it because you have to gulp it down the first few times, not letting go of one single bite or losing the savor in each yummy morsel. You just can’t stop reading “Pockets of Chaos” again and again and again and again. This is a book to love and cherish for your whole life, just as it reflects a full life of honesty, integrity, and empathy.


Ring the Chimes for Pockets of Chaos!
Ring the Chimes for Pockets of Chaos!