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Do You Have a Friend or Relative to get a Holiday gift for? Someone spiritual, creative, and may need a little inspiration or motivation in life or career? Here’s the perfect eBook!

Are you a creative person who loves the paranormal; The Spiritual Universe; ancient myths and legends; fantasy; and the healing, playful energy of pets/animals? You are not alone! Do you know someone that you would love to share a gift with that needs inspiration, motivation, personal growth, and meditation in their personal life or career? Quill and Ink is just the book for you or your creative friend or family member. Written in poetry, essays, short stories and excerpts, this book opens with a song by the author and ends with a Creative Visualization for relaxation through the power of your mind. Even the cover is an original oil painting by Deborah A. Bowman. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!Quill and Ink Final Cover

This is my 8th eBook, but my first nonfiction collection of topics that are near and dear to me. It’s bowmanauthor being bowmanauthor. For those of you who follow my blog, you already know that means anything can pop up in verse, essays, advice, spiritualism, short stories, and creative visualization. The title is based on a song I wrote and set to music, a 7th Century Druidic Bard’s melody. I play it on my Celtic Harp or piano.

The eBook is available on with the the link above. The perfect Holiday gift for that person you just don’t know what to give. I’m hoping for hardcover and softcover copies being available for the Holiday season as well. We’ll see. I’m getting a proof in about two weeks.

For those blog followers who have been following my progress and helping me select a cover for “Annie’s Story: Blessed With A Gift”, based on a past-life regression, that project is ongoing. It should be released in Spring 2016. Annie is being a little scamp and giving this author a run-for-her-money in writing her story from the mid-1600s.