As I contemplate my many blessings

Through all of life’s testings

I realize the Universe’s infinity

And the peace and refuge of serenity

Trust in God’s decisions

For you in His divine wisdom

Especially when life is sad

There is serenity to be had

In abundance

backlit beach boat dawn

Slow Down and Look Around… Where Are We Going and Where Have We Come From?

earthIt’s our world, our planet

It needs a little support right now

Stretch out your hearts and demand it

Does anyone even know how?

Love, caring, and sharing

Uniting to become as one

How is your personal journey faring?

How do we know if we’ve won?

Do we always have to win?

It isn’t a puzzle or game

Who determines what is and isn’t sin?

Do we react just to acquire wealth and fame?

What does fame without health do for each of us personally

When it feels like everything is worsening?

Is it? Or is it measured by what we hear;

What we fear; what we hold dear; what brings us to tears?

So many questions and too few answers…

Look in the mirror, the reflection of each

Soul, person, mind, heart to reach and teach

Only what we know as truth, one at a time

About equality and how to nurture the future

How to tighten the ties in unity that bind

One to the other, lifting up the spirit of another

In peace, in support, “In God we trust…”

Don’t always be in a state of rush

Slow down and let yourself get grounded

Breathe in calmness and happiness

Let go and listen to the whisper of hushed tranquility and unity…

eagle and flag

God Bless The United States of America

Have a happy, loving, safe 4th of July!

From Deborah A. Bowman,


Clouds and Waves–my idea of a beautiful Holiday Season!

Waves and Clouds

Still waiting for some medical test results, but my plan is to stay in touch with all my friends in the meantime. Have a wonderful, healthy, and wealthy 2016! Let there be peace on earth …

Deborah A. Bowman

November, The Season of Sleep is Upon Us

Will you miss the beams of sunlight? The creatures of the forests?
Will you miss the beams of sunlight?… The creatures of the forests?… The earth must forsake the light and dwell in peace… It is time to hunker down from the cold and rest–man, woman, child, beast, fish, foul, and vegetation… The cycle of the earth will bring renewal and birth… When the season of sleep is done… There is a reason for all life as one to abide in quiet reflection… To dream of new directions of growth, power, and luster!

The Gift of Life

The Gift

by Deborah A. Bowman

LOVE is felt in hugs, cuddles, and touch

The warmth and security of loving arms mean so much!

PEACE is found in the silence between breaths

As the baby’s head drifts down to rest.

JOY is shared with that first little smile

Thrilling the hearts of both parent and child.

WISDOM is in knowing when to play, laugh, cry, or eat

Or just be calm, still, quiet, and sleep.

PURITY is innocence in all its simplicity

When little eyes widen and glow with wonder and humility!