The Humanity of Words

A computer will never take the place of a human wordsmith/editor. Robots and artificial intelligence cannot duplicate the true emotion that lives in the connotative nuances of words. Only the heart and soul can breathe life into black-and-white ink splotches on a crumbled page which will become art, drama, perception, persuasion, and pre-cognition. It is our history, our current timeline, and our future. The human brain and Universal mind produces words that sing, inform, rejoice, or weep; sometimes, most often heard in the silent pauses between descriptive utterances of voice and breath.

Hence, the philosophy of one lone humble poet and writer, “bowmanauthor/bowmaneditor”.


November, The Season of Sleep is Upon Us

Will you miss the beams of sunlight? The creatures of the forests?
Will you miss the beams of sunlight?… The creatures of the forests?… The earth must forsake the light and dwell in peace… It is time to hunker down from the cold and rest–man, woman, child, beast, fish, foul, and vegetation… The cycle of the earth will bring renewal and birth… When the season of sleep is done… There is a reason for all life as one to abide in quiet reflection… To dream of new directions of growth, power, and luster!