Fairy Princess, Please Save Our World…


She walks in magic shimmering, glimmering…

Sparkling as a rare and blessed jewel.

Her power is in her eyes, simmering

On the brink of knowing, a coveted tool.

Take her wisdom and her magic

Into the New Year, the new dawn

Where things may be tragic

But her knowledge will cease all wrongs.

I can see her majesty and destiny.

The feminine divine, Blessed Be!

by Deborah A. Bowman Stevens

Dear Diary; Dear Journal by Deborah A. Bowman

“Where You Write” is just as important as what you write and to whom, but must we always share?

Perhaps, perhaps; yet there are some words only meant for the crisp, clean page that holds the coveted position in a comfortable room, only for you–Dear Diary; Dear Journal, “Hi, there!”

My eyes drift shut for just a moment; dawn has not yet arrived…

I inhale all my other senses in a deep breath–a taste of energy in total silence, a hint of chill, the heady smell of fresh shellac, easily survived…

The scent of raw, lightly treated wood beams, an arched ceiling, floors with a dab of  shiny gloss, immaculate…

It calms my mind and thrills my spirit because I know I can write anything here or even write nothing at all, but the dilemma … to share or retract?

Is everything set up in order on the familiar desk? Yes…

Do I lift the proverbial quill or pen, tap softly on muted keys or simply rest?

But where will the story go if I don’t rush, rush, rush to complete the piece?

Will another writer jot down these stories and give it release?

To spread the full wings of creativity

Where stories are possible; the paranormal in true believability…

To dwell for a brief moment in a time continuum…

Deep poignant thoughts are challenged or read in awe or disgust, hardly humdrum…

If I can see, feel, visualize, live so very much in my own mind

Is it my duty to share my words with all humankind?

A conundrum, ta’ be sure, giving and receiving inspiration

Through rigorous thought, tears, laughter, perspiration…

But do I dare? My Journal, a constant companion; My Diary, dear old friend…

Will people understand my thoughts and or even care in the end?

A Little Nook and Cranny is All I Need to Go Anywhere and Do Anything!

Proofreading and editing your own work–Another Tip That Works!

Those of you who have read some of my earlier blogs know that editing and proofreading your own work is a physical, organic impossibility (the brain is just wired that way), but we all try anyway. I’ve given tips in the past, i.e., “Read it on your Kindle with black background and white letters. Sometimes that will trick the eye and typos will pop! Spell each word individually…time consuming and you lose the momentum of the piece. Read it aloud and even record it. Then listen back to it; that sometimes helps.”

Now that the Kindle Fire HDX has a decent (pretty good) text to speech…let the Kindle read you your book, personal document, poem, business plan, etc., after you email it to your personal docs on Kindle. As it reads to you, follow along in large type. If the “computer voice” mispronounces a word, there’s a good chance the wrong word or a misspelled word is the cause of the problem. You also get to “hear” the verb tenses, pronouns (“he” becomes “she” way too easily), using the wrong name of the character, un-natural cadence that loses the reader’s attention and interest.

It helped me quite a bit in my last novella, STROKE OF SILENCE! Somehow in my file some silly editing feature was turned on so spellcheck didn’t work. So I proofread it by spelling out each word. I still missed way too many errors. (One is two many for me, but there were a lot more than one!)

Happy writing, proofreading, and use a professional editor if at all possible.

Just a thought. Contact me if you need any assistance. Questions are always free! lol

Deborah A. Bowman