Editing Your Own Work

Be it a business proposal, a short brochure, a website, business card, or a completed book of any genre, it’s best not to edit or even proofread your own work.

That second pair of eyes, that alternate mind that confirms or denies whether you’ve made your point; enriched your plot with descriptive, thrilling, emotional scenes; or included the correct steps and keywords to support and reach your logical conclusion is essential to the success or failure of a written piece online or in print.

Much expense can be avoided by getting an editor, ghostwriter, or trusted business colleague involved in not just grammar, spelling, punctuation (copy editing), but also in flow and ease of reading, using the most current terminology and format intertwined with unique design and pleasing, enticing, accurate writing, graphics, and pictures.

Show you care enough to make all forms of media on-target for your audience, specific purpose, and desired response.

Present your writing in the best design possible. It is a reflection of YOU and leaves a lasting impression.

Let Clasid Consultants Publishing make that impression memorable, sustainable, and relevant.

Deborah A. Bowman, CEO

Every author needs a good assistant. Cats are a good choice.

Every author needs a good assistant. Cats are a good choice.

Writers who love cats is certainly not a new idea. I have a whole book on the subject! Remember Ernest Hemingway?

Meet my assistant, Molly. She is a 6-1/2 Turkish Angora. The little pink nose faded out on the photo so she posed for me so I could draw it in correctly. She is my muse. She loves to be sung to, to be read to, and is very interested in everything I write. She is my unofficial editor and proofreader.

Given the opportunity she would love to be my resident artist.

Molly works hard. Molly needs “treat breaks.” Molly works no overtime. We have regular thought sessions together with string exercises. Molly likes the color red.

Extra work beyond Molly’s job description requires cream cheese and black caviar or smoked salmon bonuses in advance. Fresh tuna is to be shared, not hoarded.

Molly and I make quite a team!

My New Tag Line

While developing my new business card for the writer/editor/proofreader/designer hat I wear (oh hum, I know so boring, but so necessary), I had a little help from a business partner to come up with my new tag line:

Clasid Consultants Publishing: More Than Mere Words and Pictures!

What do ya’ think? Comments, suggestions, snide remarks?

My love and passion is still fiction. I just need to find the time to write it all down! Then the hard part begins: the edit, the proofreading, the cover design, the fonts, the leading, the layout, the graphics, the logo . . . on and on and on . . . but the better it looks, the better you look. Another tagline I may use at some point:

Words are your “real” first impression!

Deborah A. Bowman, author, writer, editor, ghost writer, proofreader, designer, publisher

I’ve been off-the-grid/Proofreading Tip

I was out of town–no wifi? I didn’t think such places existed anymore! Still going to do some editor, proofreader, publishing tips for all of you who follow me on WordPress and Twitter.

Tip for today: Proofreading. It is impossible, no matter how skilled and educated you are, to proofread and/or copy-edit your own material. The brain is an amazing organ. It retains and memorizes everything! We just don’t know it! Confusing, I know, but that’s how it works, folks. No matter how cold it is . . . and I’ve let them get “iced” . . . your brain remembers what you originally wrote and you read right over what is on the page or screen. You see what is in your subconscious, not necessarily what is actually there. Spell-check can be a friend and a foe. If it makes a word, spell-check will change it on WORD 2010, even if you don’t. Not a nice surprise after a 400-page book has been laid out for printing. I’ve tried to beat this self-proofreading, self-editing dilemma for many years more than some of your have been on earth, and I am a tough editor. I’m so disgusted with myself when I find an error . . . not me! Be kind to yourself and find a proofreader who is a stickler for accuracy to the point that you either get mad or get your feelings hurt. My feelings have been hurt and I have been angry, but it doesn’t sell books or impress an agent/publisher/editor. Sometimes proofreaders can be friends if they’re avid readers and know how to look for errors. It really is a science. Don’t blame yourself. It’s human nature. Or find and pay a good editor. It’s worth it. I had to learn all this the hard way. “Comments, suggestions, snide remarks are welcomed.” I can’t take credit for that quote. A sales manager used to tell me that. What was I doing in sales anyway? I’m a writer! Live and learn!