Stroke of Fear! (Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series

Stroke of Fear! (Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series

No one knows what lies beneath the tree in the snow- packed earth in the forest . . . except Denny Ryder and she doesn’t want to believe her grisly vision.

Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series

I’d like everyone to meet Denny Ryder in STROKE OF FEAR! (Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series), launched in May 2013. Denny’s character is rich in faith and spirituality with a logical view of the supernatural. Yet, with an inquiring mind fresh as a child’s she believes in fantasy and hope, even in her darkest hour. The healing and crime investigations with Detective Ted Collins continue in STROKE OF MIDNIGHT!, soon to be released (August 2013) by Clasid Consultants Publishing. Check out the series opener: