Check out my latest book on! “Episode 2, The Boy Who Would Be King, Delilah Astral Investigator Infinity Series”. Time travel, astral projection, and righting the wrongs of the past to protect the future. YA to Adult. It is for those of us who BELIEVE!

As the second Episode in the “Delilah Astral Investigator Infinity Series”, modern teen “Dee”/Delilah Sanchez is wondering how she was selected to head this Time-Travel/Astral Projection Team. She certainly didn’t ask for it!

In the first Episode, “The Boy and the Shopkeeper”, she had to watch an old man and the boy who loved him like a grandfather kill each other time and time again on the Astral Plane. It almost tore her heart out! With the help of the 1774 American Colonial Lord Bartholomew Darnesworth Wharton, III, and her intuitive cat Mollie, they were able to not change history so much but change the way the two people died. The boy became a hero for his community, and the old man’s life was an inspiration to all the children he had helped grow up in a rough neighborhood.

In Episode 2, the stakes are much higher! As they travel back in time to 1502, the “change” in the past threatens to destroy Dee’s current reality, turning her hometown into a war-torn British colony awaiting the nuclear bomb that could blow up the whole planet. What can they do to save the past and the future? The options are few, and the consequences are horrendous. Bartholomew is falling in love with Delilah, but he cannot tell her the secret he must protect at all costs to save their current reality, a reality in which “Bartie” had hoped to take Delilah for his bride. Is that even possible now? Quantum Physics is used to explain how such Time Travel and Astral Projection can be done, perhaps, in our real world.


Deborah A. Bowman, author