The poetry goes on… We will never die…

The power of the quill never dies

We worry the quill will dry out

The inkpot break or crumble to dust

We fidget, grumble, fear, shout!

But hush, hush; don’t rush…

Stand still, inhale the rich, warm fumes

That fill the air and allow words to bloom

Do not panic too soon

The poetry will sigh

We will never die.

Deborah A. Bowman

Check out “Writerish Ramblings”–Write Anything Wednesdays

Once upon a time the world had to write with chisel and hammer upon stone.
Then the quill and ink emerged on papyrus, working fingers to the bone.
The typewriter was such a time-saving machine.
But knowing how far we’ll evolve remains to be seen.
It takes your breath away!
For each new day brings a new way
For writers of thoughts and feelings to display
Their words, art, and creativity, capturing all we have to say.

This is a great website to checkout: “Writerish Ramblings” has challenges for writers, words of wisdom, and wonderful blogs. I suggest you join her fun and serious ramblings. I wrote this short poem for a recent Write Anything Wednesdays. I would like to share it with everyone, and thank The Rambler for an inspiring blog!

Deborah A. Bowman