The Genius Of Walt Whitman allows writers to wordsmith their own work to death, but it could lead to marital problems!

The Genius Of Walt Whitman allows writers to wordsmith their own work to death, but it could lead to marital problems!

1 – “Writers are readers, and readers are writers …”

2 – “All writers are readers, but not all readers are writers—many readers ‘could be’ but prefer the mystique of the story and the beauty of words!”

3 – “Writers need readers, and readers need writers. One without the other is a blank page in a dark world.”

Mmmmm . . . In my youthful dream-state today. Who knows why? Maybe because its Sunday and the sun is shining? Maybe because I always have one foot in the dream world? No matter.
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I feel justified by Walt Whitman’s endless revisions: “… I am a part of every person I have ever met . . . and what I assume, you assume . . . [yet] … I separate myself and I sing myself … and we are but Leaves Of Grass.” Walt’s quotes are like the wind, forever changing, so he can never be misquoted. I think he let us choose the version we identify with, so nice of him!

Whitman’s words tell me that we’re all the same, but we’re also vastly different. Even what I was ten minutes ago is not what I am now or what I will become ten minutes from now. We grow and change and evolve with every word we speak and every word we see.

Every word being perceived as perfect only in my eyes (“wordsmithing”) drives my mate crazy (just finish it, already!) but it’s what I live for (why write it, if IT isn’t perfect?). The joy of words is breath for the soul!

Bio for Bowmanauthor: Crusades and Disabilities

“Denny Ryder, lead character in STROKE OF FEAR! (DENNY RYDER PARANORMAL CRIME SERIES), is someone I would really like to know better. She has a no-nonsense take on life, including a psychological approach to the paranormal. Yet, she has the inquiring mind of a child, who believes in fantasy and hope, even in her darkest hour. Denny and I have one thing in common, lack of mobility and health limitations, but I have come a long way in overcoming these obstacles. I want to help my character return to a full, meaningful life. Denny still has much to say to me, my readers, and the world, but it’s so hard to overcome sensory paralysis. Denny summed it up best, ‘It would be so easy to fade into obscurity.’ Denny, let us help you. Write to her at: -Deborah A. Bowman, author of STROKE OF FEAR!
“Sometimes the dreams we want most out of life are mere illusions, shadows in the mist. Fantasy and desire: Is it love or lust? Truth, reality, and perception: Is it fact or fiction? These are the choices we all must make. But what do you do, how do you cope, when these choices are maliciously taken away from you? These are the shadows in our lives.”-Deborah A. Bowman, author of LIVING IN A SHADOW.
Deborah A. Bowman is an author, editor, ghost-writer, and public speaker on Paranormal Psychology, Self-Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Victims’ Abuse. She has been certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, writing a monthly column for “The Medical News” and featured in the “Washington Post Parenting Magazine” on Hypnotherapy for ADHD Teens.

She was certified as a Technical Writer/Editor at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Grad School and worked as Publications Control Officer, Chief of Publishing, for The Army Materiel Command, Department of Defense. She was editor-in-chief of The Federal Women’s Program monthly newsletter, News & Views, distributed Army-wide in the continental United States.

She is a 25-year Lupus/RA survivor and an advocate for research to find the cure. While confined in a wheelchair, she worked as a reader for the Erie Literary Agency, learning how to overcome pitfalls in plot and syntax that can plague even the most seasoned writers, and now using these techniques in her own novels. Also, while incapacitated she was editor, proof-reader, formatter, and quality control expert for the online website, rated no. 3 on Oprah Winfrey’s list of printing-on-demand, online companies.  

“Debbie” is currently working on an historical fiction novel, as well as the next Installment in the Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series, STROKE OF MIDNIGHT! to be released Sept. 2013.

Bowman’s full-length novel, LIVING IN A SHADOW, is available at: and STOKE OF FEAR!, a series Novella, is available at: