Let’s face it, the book market is overcrowded, BUT MORE PEOPLE ARE READING!

As an author, editor, formatter, and publishing advisor, I watch trends and the market. Things change and styles evolve. Blogs initially took some book readers away, but now blogs are supporting books! Also, printed books are desirable for in-depth reading you want to hold, cherish, and keep. eBooks are for quick reads “one and done” or sporadic reads on the way to work, a coffee/lunch break, a breather. eBooks are always with you.

The Pandemic has given writers time to write, thus creating more new, first-time writers. But, it also created more readers. The balm of fiction and even poetry, which was always in the shadows, is now sprouting and taking root with more readers. We are seeking true emotion to touch our souls as chaos rules our world. Also, nonfiction, informational, and transformational reading is at an all-time high. We have a need to know “why?”.

The balancing act continues with the positive and negative, but as a reader myself first-and-foremost, the positive always wins in my book!


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Write Something Wonderful Today!

The Universe is both solid and above us and abstract and within us!
The Universe is both solid and above us and abstract and within us!

Spiritual Energy to Feed the Universal Mind
Spiritual Energy to Feed the Universal Mind

Write Something Wonderful!

copyright by Deborah A. Bowman 2015

Writing something wonderful clears the mind and palette,
Allowing something meaningful to shine through and surface.
Hidden beneath the consciousness is where it’s all at,
And you just have to dig a bit to find your true purpose.
Here’s to finding the divine!
And designing the refined!

The morsel of a thought-form begging to be released
Will open up our higher selves, and writers will increase
The knowledge of the ages upon sterile, blank pages.
Here’s to blank pages filled with erudite messages!
The time has come to channel Universal passages!

In writing, in drawing, in sculpting, we’re sharing truth.
This is where we seek guidance and undeniable proof.
Here’s to the times that define our roles!
To both writer and reader, the wisdom unfolds!

In the spiritual realm that reaches and teaches,
Each vessel of humanity is resolving and evolving.
Here’s to writing something wonderful to enlighten our souls!
Here’s to the beauty of thoughts, words, art, and behold…
Destiny and infinity are never-ending goals!

Angels dwell among us!

Angels dwell among us!