Every author needs a good assistant. Cats are a good choice.

Every author needs a good assistant. Cats are a good choice.

Writers who love cats is certainly not a new idea. I have a whole book on the subject! Remember Ernest Hemingway?

Meet my assistant, Molly. She is a 6-1/2 Turkish Angora. The little pink nose faded out on the photo so she posed for me so I could draw it in correctly. She is my muse. She loves to be sung to, to be read to, and is very interested in everything I write. She is my unofficial editor and proofreader.

Given the opportunity she would love to be my resident artist.

Molly works hard. Molly needs “treat breaks.” Molly works no overtime. We have regular thought sessions together with string exercises. Molly likes the color red.

Extra work beyond Molly’s job description requires cream cheese and black caviar or smoked salmon bonuses in advance. Fresh tuna is to be shared, not hoarded.

Molly and I make quite a team!