This writer/editor just had her first COVID-19 injection. I highly recommend a GREAT experience!

Deborah A. Bowman Stevens

This just made sense for me! I live in a highly populated area. I’ve been in isolation, alone, for over a year. I’m also immune compromised. There was a catch, however … I have extreme allergies that cause anaphylactic shock, the one side effect of the vaccine that is so scary. I want to tell you that it was handled so kindly and professionally with understanding and LOVE! šŸ’–

I didn’t have a reaction that day or afterwards. The discomfort is minimal, easier than a flu shot!

Be kind and loving to yourself and to our world. Even if you’re afraid of the vaccine –I certainly was!–do it for quality of life and those who love you.

I can’t say enough “Thank you’s!” to our brave medical staff, first-responders, and everyone who works in a public services profession. They have loved ones to protect too. Let’s help them by getting vaccinated as well.

All of you are my heroes!