Poem That Was Channeled to Me After Beautiful Meditation on Thoughts … Silent Retreat #3

Many Clouds as Many  Thoughts
Many Clouds as Many

This is the third poem in my Series on Silence.


by Deborah A. Bowman

Thoughts come in massive crowds.

I see them as clumps of clouds.

Some are dark, angry, forbidding.

Others are light, airy, forgiving.

Ease them away into a clear, blue sky.

Don’t even bother to wonder why.

Beautiful, calming, clear blue sky
Beautiful, calming, clear blue sky

Thoughts like mist pass through and move.

Calm, Silence, this is your proof

That your higher being is one with the Universe.

All static, chaotic energy is released.

Dwell on the present, your new home.

There’s no more reason for your thoughts to roam.

Learning about blogging is like learning to write all over again. Now the blank page is white light. Write enough, but not too much.

A blank page is scary stuff! It looks at you in silence. It is a challenge. It is a voice crying out to be heard, if only you could see where it’s coming from. A character is hiding in the wings, trying to make a grand entrance, but only “you” can see him/her. Only “you” can hear the voice.

A blank page is so . . . blank, so empty, when there’s so much inside you. What do you say? Do you trust yourself. Never!

Your feelings rush to the surface to try and fill up the space. Then, everything gets cluttered, and there’s too many words. A dash of white space is comforting, silent, pleasing.

Empty is too empty. Cluttered is too wordy. Being too emotional is suspect. What do you share? Why do you care? What do you dare . . . write on the blank page . . .

Fill it, but not too full; not too sparse. Make it just right. But just right for whom?

I send my words and white space to whomever is listening.

Usually, I’m comical, silly, laughing, but not tonight. Tonight I want the white space to say as much as the words.


Technology may change but the process remains the same. Creativity doesn’t change for it originates in the mind.

Technology may change but the process remains the same. Creativity doesn't change for it originates in the mind.

The craft of writing and designing, indeed all arts!, begins and ends in the human mind. Whatever the media, whatever the age, words and images will be written, drawn, captured, and shared.

I hope the future allows robots to process what the human mind creates. There’s no limit to our mind’s capacity. We’ll never run out of memory and storage space. We’ll never be restricted by the number of pixels, number of words, number of pages, or hues of color.

I chose shades of gray and black for this representation, augmenting every piece to my personal taste, which may not be your personal taste. I cannot count the different shades of gray or the quantity of black ink required to print this on a press.

I remember when camera-ready business or home printers did not exist. Press inspections were round-the-clock, interrupted only by brewing a new pot of coffee to stay awake.

The process is the same, but technology lets my mind’s eye create that which only I can see or someone else describes to me. I must “see” their vision in my mind in order to create it. Trial-and-error and having an open mind will never be replaced by technology. Technology allows us all to share the mind’s words, dreams, visions, images, and thoughts. The technological age is upon us.