The Future … Where do we go from here?

Where Are We Headed?
Where Are We Headed?

It is said the past reveals the future

And that history repeats itself.

Do you think that this rash and tired venture

Still holds the promise of direction for self?

Does the world follow the same rules and schemes?

Or has the quick techno/change-o internet

Given us new ideas, goals, and dreams?

We may be seeking a new fulfillment.

Each generation believed they were destined

To be drastically different than their ancestors.

The cycle continued and challenges festered

And many became capitalists and investors.

Now a new modern age is upon us

With computers, insta-gram, and artificial intelligence.

Where will we end up in the hurry and rush

To find the next quick, robotic advancement?

Somehow it seems we’ve taken an unique turn

That will no longer connect us to what we have learned

From the past, our parents, the earth’s history.

Maybe we can no longer envision futuristic imagery.

Good, bad, sad, exciting?

Who knows?

Let’s hope it’s inviting

And not the doom that some would show.

The future is unknown, uncertain…

It will be based on technology in the Universe.

Where do we fit in?

When will it begin?

It’s already set in motion … done!

The future has already begun!

A poem by Deborah A. Bowman