Fickle Inspiration

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Fantasy Inspiration

I see the trinkets that surround me

But do I really see?

These are so precious to me

They inspire and capture my creativity

But not today

I have no words to say

But those that get in the way

My inspiration does not shine

In silence I seek the divine

And all will be well in time

My Annie doll will speak her mind

And tell me of her trip from Ireland

When she came alone to Ellis Island

The castle will sing its tune, the dancer spinning

And a new story will be beginning

To weave its way into my soul

The faerie pixie will rise and flow

Through ancient dreams and glowing scenes

Dancing on the sun’s rays, amidst the colors of the rainbow

The Kindle will light with fire: reds and yellows; golds and blues

I’ll slip on my glasses so I can see true

The beautiful forests and haunted hills

I’ll experience thrills and wills and chills

As a new world comes alive inside my brain

Some of you may think me insane

As the keyboard beckons and calls my name

Not all the words have gone up in flames

I just had to write them to know their game

Of hide and seek, catch me if you can, find me if you dare

The words will scatter unless you show them you care.



Deborah A. Bowman



Do you feel like your writing is out-of-focus? Literary humor might be your answer!

Do you feel like your writing is out-of-focus? Literary humor might be your answer!

Looking down the aisle of my favorite place,
The library, my special haven, where I always feel at home.
But suddenly, something tilts and my pulse starts to race.
What is happening to the sacred shelves I love to roam?

I was doing some research for the next great American novel.
I was feeling pressured, scared, not up to the challenge.
“Can anyone out there help me?” I cried as I slid to the floor to grovel
Amongst those ancient tomes of wisdom and knowledge.

I knew the world would right itself again
If I just waited patiently for the confusion to end.

Have I stumbled into the dreaded writer’s block?
Will I be able to pull myself out of the depths of despair?
All I have ever wanted to do with my life is lock
Myself in my room and write all that I want to share.

My emotions are visible for all the world to see;
My soul is bared; my words on display.
I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and feel free,
But the spinning hasn’t stopped, and I’ve lost my way.

As if a miracle has finally been granted
I find the minute fact that has been so elusive.
The world is balanced; the aisle no longer slanted.
I just needed one obscure reference to be productive.

When I open my eyes, there is no library…
Only search engines that can be so contrary.

–Deborah A. Bowman